Independent Inkwell: Australian Small Publishing, a half hour documentary

Independent Inkwell: Australian Small Publishing is a half hour documentary delving into the motivations and stories of small and independent publishers. It’s a fascinating bit of television, not least because I’m in it. Wearing my small press publisher hat rather than my writer hat I was asked to participate on behalf of Blade Red Press. Several Australian small and independent presses are involved, including Keith Stevenson of coeur de lion publishing, another spec fic specialist that I’ve talked about here a lot in the past.

The documentary is made by Max Rowan and was originally shown on TVS. It’s now been uploaded to YouTube in three parts, each around 8 minutes (the half hour includes commercials, obviously, that aren’t in the YouTube version.) While it’s focussed on Australian small press, everything said applies to indie publishing worldwide. There’s also some talk about the crossover with small press, indie press and self-publishing. It’s really interesting viewing and above everything else left me feeling very positive for the future of small press and very proud of the small press community, here and overseas. Viva la revolution!

I’ve embedded all three parts below.


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6 thoughts on “Independent Inkwell: Australian Small Publishing, a half hour documentary

  1. Great exposure! Power to you, dude. And, by dint of alphabetical order your name’s at the top of the credits.

  2. Awwww, that’s alphabetical? 🙂

    The thing that gave me grief in school turns out to be pretty good in life. Thanks man.

  3. This was great Alan. It’s so good to see that the small presses are being recognized. I am considering starting one now since it seems to be male dominated! Have tweeted and FB’ed.

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