I’m an idiot

Remember yesterday I mentioned that I was going to see Neil Gaiman at a Q & A session in the city? Turns out it was a reservations only event. I should have known really, given how popular he is. I’ve had the thing noted down in my diary for weeks, but never thought to check if I would need a ticket or a reservation. Oh well. It gave me a chance to have a wander about in Kinokuniya, which is a pretty cool book shop. That just cost me money though, as I can’t wander around a book shop for long without buying things. Books mainly.

As a consolation I met my wife for an Indian dinner. It was very nice, but not really the same as possibly getting to meet Neil Gaiman. Maybe I should just revert to my old punk ways and remember the maxim “Burn The Bible, Kill Your Idols!” Yeah. Who needs ’em.

Gaiman’s doing a signing in Dymocks in the city at lunchtime today, but I have to work. Then he’s off to some other city. I suppose some things just aren’t meant to be. Maybe next time.

I was cheered up when I saw some signwriting hilarity today though. Remember the “Go USA!” guy. Here he is:

Well, I think we’ve found his mum:


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3 thoughts on “I’m an idiot

  1. Kinokuniya is probably the worst money draining bookstore in Sydney if you’re the type that can’t resist the urge to buy. MUCH worse than Borders!

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