Holy Vigilante, real life superheroes

Truth is so often stranger than fiction. In America the number of people dressing up in spandex and rubber and going out into the streets as real life superheroes is fast growing.

In an article in the Times Online we learn that “There are, according to the recently launched World Superhero Registry, more than 200 men and a few women who are willing to dress up as comic book heroes and patrol the urban streets in search of, if not super-villains, then pickpockets and bullies.”

But this quote from the article pretty much summed up the whole concept for me:

Artemis of San Diego reported on his blog that he had heard a woman screaming outside his home but by the time he had dressed up in his costume the police were already there.

Especially when you couple the above quote with this one:

“I was out every night, 8pm until 2am, hanging about all the bad corners and nothing happened, nada, zip,” recalled Mr Invisible. “It was raining: even the drug dealers were at home. And often cops are just too good at their jobs.”

Life ain’t like the funny books, kids.

Hat tip to Dogmatic for pointing out the article.


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156 thoughts on “Holy Vigilante, real life superheroes

  1. If you mean delayed as in he could have helped sooner but wanted to put his superhero spandex on first, then yes. He delayed helping her. What a hero, eh?

  2. I love how you people look for the absolute shittiest stories concerning the RLSH. A lot of us are out there doing shit you will never, ever hear about because we aren’t attention whores. It’s not about narcissism for a lot of us, in a lot of cases it’s the opposite because we’re masking ourselves, thereby not looking for attention to the people we are underneath the masks. If we were narcissists, don’t you think we’d reveal our secret ID’s?

    Furthermore, what the FUCK have YOU done for the world lately?

  3. Wow, could it be true? Has a superhero left a comment on my blog!? What’s your special power, Z? Commenting on blog posts nearly four months after they were written?

  4. I’m not a superhero. I don’t wear tights. I’m the guy who hunts you down if youre a pedophile, rapist, or violent offender. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you see one of us, you see all of us.

    There’s a new trend coming, it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY… and it doesn’t include hiding behind your computer and taking aim at the ones trying to do something to change the balance of the filth.

    Put up or shut up.

  5. hey, what would your super power be… avoiding valid points in an effort to make yourself look witty and intelligent? Apathy is bullshit pal. Let’s grow up, k?

  6. So, Z, if you’re not a “real life superhero”, why are you getting your tights in a bunch about an article mocking them?

    Out of interest, assuming you really do hunt down pedophiles, rapists and violent offenders (rather than sitting in your basement dreaming of being Batman) what do you do when you’ve got them?

  7. You’re a waste of time, dude. Seriously. I give you valid point after valid point and you keep avoiding giving direct responses. I’m pissed because you latch on to the worst possible story involving a guy who obviously cared more about his appearance than the job we do. Though the term “RLSH” is not how I’d describe myself, it’s the only term the media recognizes. We’ve tried to change it. Doesn’t work. I’m sure you can sympathize with how the media operates. Generalizations.

    When i get these guys, i convince them to get help. I ransack every piece of info i can find in their house to daisy-chain my way to the next guy. Then I move on. That enough? Cause that’s all the info I’m giving up.

    Think. What’s really that ridiculous about what we do? Look at the world.

    Btw, Batman is a fucking asshole.

  8. I don’t really know what’s ridiculous about what you do – you haven’t told us what you do. From your last comment, I’m led to believe that you somehow figure out who these “pedophiles, rapists and violent offenders” are, then you “ransack” their houses for information and “convince them to get help”. What does any of that even mean?

    How do you find them?

    How do you ransack their house for information?

    How do you convince them to get help?

    Do you really think you achieve anything, or do they just comply to get the weirdo “superhero” out of their house?

    How do you avoid prosecution yourself?

    Do you really think you’re making any kind of difference? Have you had any evidence that a rapist or pedophile has changed due to your intervention? Do you beat them up?

    And, most importantly, take back what you said about Batman! Seriously though, why is Batman a “fucking asshole”? Doesn’t he do in comic books exactly what you claim to do in real life?

  9. Fear. Its all about fear. Part of me wants to rise to this challenge and tell you exactly what I do… but I think I’ve gone a little too far as it is. And that’s how I avoid prosecution. If this kind of story got out, I’m pretty sure it would make what I do less effective. Or more effective, I don’t know. Either way you wouldn’t be the venue with which to tell my story anyway.

    And no, i wont take it back about Batman. Because he’s not scary. And real fear is the only way to really achieve anything within these parameters.

    And yes, about the evidence… I keep tabs on everyone I come in contact with. If they continue, I just keep trying. Or make a call and let the world take over.

  10. hey Z, you have made my Friday afternoon, thank you!!

    OK you are the vigilante society needs and you obviously have to protect your own identity as what use is a RLSH to the public when he is locked up for break and entering, hording information thats been aquired sans warrant or approval and unlicensed pyschotherapy (you did say you try and ‘convince bad doers to change their ways)

    You call Alan apathetic, yet would you go face to face with anyone if they called you out? Al, me or dare I mention him, Batman?

    How do you instill this fear into those violent criminals? Do you use any fear based superpowers or means of persuasion or are you just that convincing?

  11. First off, I’d like to say I’m all for a bit of vigilante justice – in principle. Sadly it is inherently flawed in that to achieve anything, as clearly stated by Z, the vigilante must themselves break numerous laws. As most work alone, there is also no ‘sanity’ check to ensure that the ‘evidence’ is correct, nor anything to keep someone drifting from vigilante to abhorrent thug.

    Then there’s the fear thing. Most offenders, like rapists, start small (exposing themselves, stalking etc) and the more they get away with the less fear they have and the more their activity escalates. They have no fear, however, the general public are too fearful to do anything about it – you frequently hear of violent incidents taking place in front of many people, but no one helps because they’re too scared to get involved. They mught get hurt, become a target themselves, or even find themselves on the wrong side of the law for trying to do something right. People should not be afraid to stand against this type of thing, but they are.

    I’m going to assume that Z’s methodology is to threaten, beat or torture a subject to the point where they fear for their life, then get them to agree not to do it again. In fairness, this should have a reasonable success rate as it reintroduces fear to a perpetrator that has none. It doesn’t make it right and it does raise several questions about Z’s state of mind, but set a thief to catch a thief and all that.

    My fundamental issue with this whole thread is that Z has assumed that Alan has specifically launched an attack on vigilantism because he posted an article about some total dickheads that was actully pretty funny. I’m not sure whether Z is vigilante do-gooder or psychopath twat. Given that he’s taken this post so personally and is unable to detach himself from generalisations, I think he must be the latter.

    Finally Z, you accuse Alan of apathy without even knowing the guy. I have known Alan for 30 years and I am proud to call him my friend. He’s a fine bloke and far from apathetic You, however, are a prick. Admittedly a prick that may be doing some good work for the cause of justice, but a prick none-the-less.

  12. 1. I know I’m a prick. But I’m not the guy who claims to be an intelligent adult, but lowers himself to namecalling.

    2. If you can read, you’ll see that I am not mad about the story (because they indeed are idiots), I am mad about the fact that this is the kind of bullshit story we have to represent our community. It sucks that the people who do the most good have to stay quiet.

    3. a person who does nothing but ridicule people who are trying to help is indeed apathetic, as they expend energy on writing an article about a negative subject rather than find a story on those who have actually done something for the greater good.

    4. I hold myself to a strict code. If i thought i was unsound at all (and I question my motives and methods DAILY), I would stop what I was doing. Believe it, I am a pragmatist, and the last thing the world needs is some ass running around thinking he’s god, or has superpowers. No one has superpowers. We do what we can with what we have.

    5. Why would I respond to you calling me out? You’ve done nothing wrong, as far as i know. The only way I’d ever physically hurt you is if you attacked me in person.

    Oh yeah, and I dont use words like “bad-doers” and “evil”… I dont use extremes, either. There are problems in the world, I’m testing a method, period.

  13. Please, before you comment back, I’ll quote myself:

    “I’m pissed because you latch on to the worst possible story involving a guy who obviously cared more about his appearance than the job we do”

    “I love how you people look for the absolute shittiest stories concerning the RLSH. A lot of us are out there doing shit you will never, ever hear about because we aren’t attention whores”

    talk about generalizations… you see one thing in the media, and you assume they must all be crazy. Maybe you should look at it another way… radicals, fighting in a silent war.

    I’ve now put up some sound logic for you to peruse. If you can stop being belligerent, we can have an intelligent conversation. If not, I’m done with it.

  14. superhero you may be mate, but you lack the detection powers of sarcasm and just having a good old light hearted laugh at someones expense because its funny, you have to admit those exampled Al first used were amusing and that was the point of the article! – A quick look thru Alan’s blogs and you will see, he’s a bit of a shit stirrer and really doesnt mean anything by it – theres no intent to maliciously write off anyone so relax! Im sure if we were all in the pub having this chat over a beer or six you’d be laughing too, if not, you really do take yourself too seriously – Sure, we all appreciate the world is full of fucked up people and there would be no mercy from me if anyone ever harmed any person I cared about…who wouldnt

    namecalling? you called Batman an asshole first! haha

  15. Ahh, you see it all comes down to first impressions and assumptions based on what we know.

    I’m going to use the term Real Life Superhero(RLSH) in this as it’s quick to type and I think the correct term probably warrants a whole other conversation that I don’t want to start just yet.

    Chris’ comments are spot on. Z, you found this page on Alan’s blog and based on this post you assumed that he has deliberately sought out and posted this article to generically ridicule the work of people like yourself. In the context of the whole blog, it’s just another funny post that Al thought would amuse visitors to the site. Superheroes are entirely relevant material here. I’m certain that if he’d come across an article about some guy dressed in a mask exposing a pedophile ring, he’d have posted that. Probably with a comment saying ‘Hats off to this guy’.

    Basically Z, you assumed that Alan, and probably his readers, think that RLSHs are all a bunch of idiots. Your response to this was a little confrontational – it did finish with “Furthermore, what the FUCK have YOU done for the world lately?” – and that was our first impression of you.
    It led us to assume that you are either a) a self righteous psycopath, or; b) a geek with some serious delusional problems. Either way, all the subsequent responses have, in kind, been confrontational – up to, and including, my name calling. In a text based format I couldn’t really light a bag of dog poo on your doorstep, so I had to fall back on the name calling.

    So, here we are, both sides victims of bad first impressions and false assumptions. I think we should draw a line under that and move on. Please don’t assume that we are people “who do nothing but ridicule people who are trying to help”. If you are commiting significant amounts of your time to “deal” with pedophiles and rapists, actively putting yourself in danger, then I am happy to admit you’ve got bigger balls than me.

    However bad a start it was, I’m glad you came to this site Z. I think this could be an opportunity for some interesting conversation and debate.

    Sadly, I’ve gotta go out now, so I can’t participate in that until tomorrow.

  16. So, Z. When face to face with a perpetrator in need of sorting out, what do you do? What do you say to them?

    So far, your responses have been those of a scalded child. On the job, do you lay down the law or come across as a nut bar with a short fuse?

    If you’re the super hero you claim to be- and I’m not doubting that this might be true- you might want to work on your powers of reason.

    Or stick to what you know and stop damaging your image in a public forum.

  17. I really cant go into what I do. Im not real sure how secure this site is, if you log IP’s or what. So I’m gonna keep it mum.

    What I will say, is that I come across as a nutbar to perpetrators, but I remain in complete control. It’s a precarious balance, but I do meditate at least a little bit every day (not to mention constantly keep my emotions in check) so I don’t get too close to it and end up going nuts.

    I’m definitely not self-righteous. Far from it. You want self righteous, check out Rolling Stone magazines’ article on RLSH. Not mentioning any names, but im sure youll figure it out.

    As far as being a geek… Well, yeah of course I’m a geek. I’m not a “bro”, so i guess that makes me a geek.

    As far as you guys assuming RLSH are idiots… let me just go on the record and say that you’d be right about at least half of RLSH. We hate it. It gives the rest of us a bad name, the way these grown children run around idealizing the world and thinking they have some kind of superpowers. And I don’t get the spandex, either. I certainly dont wear it.

    You’re right. I would have laughed, because usually I have a really wacked out sense of humor. But I just got tired of the constant ridicule, and your column was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was surfing around looking for ANY good press. Didnt find much.

    look, we’re building a team in NYC. Go read Dark Guardians Blog (google it) about April 18th, 2009. I dont usually do this sort of thing (go after dealers, cause people are gonna do drugs and dealers are only making a buck off it), but I dont feel that dealers should be doing that shit in a public park. Anyway. This post is too fucking long. If you guys want any more info, I use the myspace. http://www.myspace.com/theurbanmercenary

  18. btw, dan, I’m not responding to you because you wrote 4 lines and 3 of them are inflammatory. Cryptic one-up-manship gets you nowhere.

  19. and get this right… I’M NOT A FUCKING SUPERHERO. Anyone who calls themselves a hero is not a hero. They’re a braggart.

  20. Give us an example here, Z. I for one pledge that I will keep mum about it as well.

    Let’s say I’m a scuzz-bag hanging around a park, selling rock. I’m alone, you see me. What happens next?

    Fill in the blanks. After all, it’s not everyday we’re contacted by someone of your ilk. I was gonna say ‘league’, but that might be inaccurate.

  21. Z, I’m really curious to know why you have a MySpace page? If you want to keep things so “secret” because it’s dangerous to you, then why are you promoting your MySpace page?

    That’s just weird to me. Before you ask, no I haven’t visited it. I can’t imagine I’d get any more quality over there than I am getting here.

    Seems to me that you really just need to identify with some sort of community, and are desperate for publicity despite the fact that you “can’t” give details.

    Or maybe I’ve got it wrong and that’s the terrible dichotomy that RLSHs face: they do so much good and crave fame, yet if they go out in public they end up being unable to speak reasonably, and end up in a flaming match. Like here.

  22. I dont seek publicity. Talking to you on this site does not mean im seeking publicity. I have a myspace page because I make and sell masks for the community. If you had visited the page you’d have known that, but you’d rather be smarmy and continue this pissing match.

    i use myspace as a message system sometimes. Its secure for me because I never access it on my personal IP address.

    Leticia, im gonna guess youre a writer, or at the very least a wannabe journalist. if so, you’re a hack. You jump in here with little to no information, stir the pot without asking any real questions other than flimsy insinuations, and jump out again.

  23. btw, i was doing for 7 years before I even knew about this community. You can ask anyone in the community about me and media attention. We dont mix.

  24. Dan: actually, me, Dark Guardian and Death’s Head Moth were in NYC’s washington square park two days ago to deal with the drug dealer problem. I did it DG’s way, which is calling them out with a megaphone and telling them to get out of the park. The first time we did it they listened cause we had like 10 people (last month). This time they were warned ahead of time by some crackhead and they had like 30 guys there. We stood our ground, but after a while figured we were only asking for trouble. We’re going to reconfigure our attack strategy and try again and again. Next time we’re planning to leaflet the park and have at least 100 civilians there for the cause.

    Needless to say, this is a pretty public undertaking, which i usually dont like getting into. But DG and DHM were gonna go by themselves, so I thought maybe I should back them up.

    If you dont believe me, i really dont give a shit. But you can catch the story in FHM magazine UK, September issue. Maybe it’ll shed some light.

  25. just to add this: I was told there was going to be a magazine there asking us a few questions, but I didnt realize that Id be included. usually when people invite me somewhere its made clear to the media that i really dont want to talk to them.

    turns out the guys were really cool, and after we got into the whole idea of the movement, they got it. I think all you guys would too, bad as i may portray it here.

    sorry about all the posts.

  26. Z – in Leticia’s defence, she hasn’t jumped in and jumped out again. She asked a question and it seems a valid one to me. You make masks for other people in “the community” and advertise that fact on a MySpace page – that doesn’t sit really tight with total anonymity. For that matter, neither does standing in a park yelling through a megaphone.

  27. Thanks Z. Interesting to hear what you do to make a difference. An action, and a conviction, to be applauded.

    BUT…your trigger-happy style of having a go at people on this thread does you no service.

    You might not crave attention, that’s understandable enough. But what about support?

  28. I love how you people look for the absolute shittiest stories concerning the RLSH. A lot of us…


    and get this right… I’M NOT A FUCKING SUPERHERO. Anyone who calls themselves a hero is not a hero. They’re a braggart.

    So which is it? Because assuming your 2nd quote is the accurate one, why see yourself as part of the RLSH community (as opposed to some “concerned citizens” group)?

    When you replied to the post as if it was talking about you, you let people who dress up in costumes speak for what you’re doing. If you’re really interested in better public relations, it might be time to rebrand.

  29. The reality here is that we are probably all in agreement that (a) the guy mentioned in the original article is an arsehole, and (b) If what Z says is true (which I have no reason to doubt) then he has bigger balls than most (and probably all) of us.

    Z – I can understand you getting pissed off about the perception of the “group formerly known as RLSH’s” and reacting badly to it. I can also understand the negative comments from people who are loyal to this site and Alan (of which I am one). Enough said, time to move on.
    We would all like to make the world a better place. Some of us do it in little ways (helping little old ladies across the road or doing fundraising for charity) and some of us put incredible levels of commitment to it. Others try and destroy things.

    I can only applaud what you are trying to achieve – I wouldn’t have the nerve. In this age of red tape and political correctness you maybe need some people working outside the system to frighten all the bullies and molesters out there that the police can’t touch.

    However, I have some concerns which I’m sure you share. How do you know that you do not hurt innocent (or at least reformed) people? At what point is what you do worse than those whom you would hunt down?

    It sounds like you have the discipline and understanding to deal with such concerns – others in your profession (or at least in the profession to which you are most closely associated) could easily be doing it for egotistic or masochistic reasons. Is the overall benefit worth the cure? In short, who is watching the watchmen?

  30. I’m not great with public relations. I have neither the political patience nor the silver tongue to spin things… It’s my biggest downfall within this movement. I admit.

    Michael, we’re tried to rebrand, the ones of us who are more serious. The problem is, as much as we’ve tried to put a name to it, it never seems to stick. I relate with the people who call themselves RLSH, if only because we employ theatrics and a measure of vigilantism.

    I don’t yell through a megaphone. DG does. I just make sure nothing nasty goes down. If the cops question us at all, they just think I’m another “RLSH” standing around for this one cause. I’ve worked hard at being subtle.

    As far as the myspace thing, let me just say again that I use it for contacts. When I said more info, i meant contact me via message because I was tired of checking this site. I stand behind what I said to Leticia about not getting her facts straight before she insulted someone. And I dont see how using a myspace page for business is compromising my anonymity. You guys are the only ones outside the community I’ve given my page URL to, and ONLY because I’m actually learning something about public relations by talking to you. Its educational for both of us, in a way.

    Discipline: yeah thats a love-hate relationship. I mean, in order to both retain your morality and get things done in a timely fashion in this gig, you have to be pretty disciplined. I do extensive research on the subject at hand, watch them for a while, do surveillance on all communication (which can get expensive)… all to make sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they’re still offending (or offending for the first time, in most cases). I have to. Otherwise I’d always question my integrity.

  31. As far as “who watches the watchmen”… We watch each other, trust me. We’re actually extremely vigilant (no pun intended) when it comes to what we do. Actually, we’ve had some recent blow ups between some of us over the way one of the guys was handling himself in public… considering he’s one of the guys who’s at the forefront of the news stories.

  32. I want support. I don’t crave it. In order for this whole thing to work, the public has to work with us, watching out for everyone else. So yeah, in that sense, I want to get the word out.

    I also want to dispel a lot of nasty rumors about the community.

  33. Sorry but i had to get involved. I actually can’t belive that this has gone on for so long. Z i must ask you a couple of things. 1)If you sell masks do you sell suits too? seems like it’s kind close to dressing up as Batman, or superman or any other comic character. Do you not think that if you actually manned up a little and maybe tried to join the police or another legitimate organisation you could stop playing at hero stuff and make a difference without getting arrested yourself. When you call someone out and have done your work on them do you mark them with a Z. Oh last thing do your really belive that there are no such things as heros? what about the soldiers fighting and protecting each other around the world, what about fireman saving lives daily. I am not insulting by the way i am asking valid questions, i am a little confused.

  34. Michael: You have to be disciplined with protocol to find out the most information about the subject, at the same time being patient so you don’t jump the gun and rush in without certainty.

    I dont sell suits. I sell masks that are protective and inspire fear. The only suit I wear and encourage wearing involves a stabproof kevlar vest and military wear for efficiency.

    I’m not the type to take orders from people who are probably taking orders from people who are ruining this country. So no, I won’t “man up” just so i can get tangled up in the red tape and get jack shit done. Who do you expect to hunt down the people who fall through the cracks? Everybody bitches about corruption and the like, but when we do what we do, you want to tell us to join an establishment that is quickly crumbling at the same time it takes away our civil rights. No thanks, not trying to be a hardass, but if you really think its that black and white, you need to go do some research on whats really going on.

    I’m not playing at hero stuff. I’m involved in something I both enjoy and find myself attuned to. Its a little unorthodox, but I have my calling and I’d appreciate it if you stop telling me what I should and should not do when you don’t even know me.

    About the marking people with a Z thing… come on, dude. You want to say youre not insulting but theres no other way to receive the tone you’ve taken with these questions.

    One more thing: I never said there are no such things as heroes. You need to go back and re-read it again, and stop throwing things in my face simply because you want to insert an agenda into this conversation.

  35. reading alot lately about whats happening in the States (as you can probably tell Z, we arent from there) its all turning abit police state with ideas of a civilian local military to support the real one – sounds like the start of a subtle coup to have the civilian army overthrow any local enforcement agencies who resist the new rules – thus – total control Socialist style (yes, Al, tin foil hat is very much on today) what happens with someone like yourself Z?, how will you fit in to that new system where the cops dont particularly like you cause according to them youre a shit stirrer getting in the way of their work and the NWO cops dont like you either cause you would be seen as an extremist and probably end up on the no fly list – rock and a hard place for vigilante justice.. will there be a place for RLSH’s?

  36. I have a place to go if the shit goes down. Our constitution clearly states we not only have the right but the responsibility to overthrow a corrupt government.

    Even if it gets that bad, most of us will not give up.

  37. totally but with a Gvt that seems to not have care or concern for the 2nd ammendment, it would be a bit hard to over throw a gvt if the population is unarmed!

  38. Yes, Z I am a writer, a published one. I am also a journalist – but I’m a music journalist – i couldn’t really give a fuck about you to be honest. I was merely curious. Maybe my curiosity did turn into flimsy insinuation while I was absent, who knows. Sorry if I offended you by wanting to know more detail.

    You say you haven’t given your URL out to people, but obviously they find you if they’re searching for what you offer? Using websites for business purposes (and myspace in particular) is totally reliant on traffic… so not promoting it would surely be counter-productive?

    I’m also curious about your response to Chris’s question. From our perspective, most people in your country wouldn’t “not give up” – from what we’ve seen so far, at this far-flung objective distance, the population of the US seems to make a weeny flap, believe the media and roll over when asked to.

    If you find yourself in that situation, where suddenly (and it can happen – has all through history) you are unable to do what you do because of extreme repercussion, what will you do?

    It’s fine to have the right and responsibility to overthrow a corrupt government, but without a system and a mobile population with which to do that from the inside, it’s almost impossible.

  39. Our constitution clearly states we not only have the right but the responsibility to overthrow a corrupt government.

    Would you be the popular front, the peoples front or the peoples popular front? (Or perhaps the tooting popular front?)

    Sorry – a bit of Friday afternoon light hearted humour. Power to the people. 😉

  40. I don’t make masks for the general populace… it’s pretty much word of mouth within the small amount of people that do what I do for real… I’m not looking to make a huge business out of it.

    Yes, the larger portion of the population roll over to the media (not sure what a ‘weeny flap’ is, but it certainly sounds like it applies to a lot of americans I’ve met), but as you know the information you receive from your media outlets rarely (if ever) tells the entire story. So trust me when I say that there are things happening here that don’t make it into the media.

    L, your comment pissed me off mainly because you came on and said something about “not finding any better quality over here,” refering to my myspace account, without even looking at it, thus impeding yourself from having all the facts. Thats why I’d say you were a hack. If I offended you with this, it was only because I felt I was defending myself with the facts I had at hand.

    Truth is, the info i was offering had nothing to do with the account… It was basically a way for you to message me if you had any more questions, as i was tired of checking this site. But its fine, I bookmarked it.

    As to one of your questions about what I’d do… I’d fight and die if i had to. there’s a huge awakening going on in this country, a lot of people are learning to live past what they thought was their potential, to grow and believe in ideas and causes they’ve grown numb to.

  41. I couldn’t help but stick my oar in, sorry. I just wanted to clear up a common misconception a lot of Americans seem to have about the ability of overthrowing their government being written into the Constitution. It is, in fact, not.

    I had a chat with my dad about it today, a Proffessor of American History. Interestingly, it seems the right to overthrow a corrupt government was one of the principles of the Declaration of Independence, but was not carried over into the constitution, nor added as an amendment later on. He said most Americans confuse the two documents, which is probably why Z believes it is in there. The constitution itself only allows the impeachment of the President, and the re-election of individual state representatives if found guilty of crimes against their office.

    My father recommends everyone reads the Declaration of Independence, as it is considered revolutionary even by todays standards.

    So, here it is!


    Here’s the actual paragraph about overthrowing governments:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

    However, that’s not to say Z and his buddies shouldn’t have a go. It’d be interesting to see whether they’d be sectioned or shot.

  42. Thank you sir. I don’t claim to be the authority on these things, so its helpful to find out valuable information.

    I’m sure a lot of us would be shot. Because we have a lot of jackasses running around thinking of nothing but how they appear. Which is disparate to a lot of us who are trying to get ready for anything.

    Thanks for your support. :/

  43. Hi All, been reading for a while and though i’d ask some questions.

    Z please don’t think i’m attacking you in any way, I’m just trying to clarify what I’ve read here (and elsewhere) about ‘RLSH’

    You say that you use intimidation and fear to get through to criminals (drug dealers and the like). Does this primarily consist of physical intimidation, or is it more verbal?

    You also say that you have ‘joined forces’ with the Chris Pollok in the past, but don’t generally shout through a megaphone like he does.
    I do hope this is true because, looking at the videos on DG’s myspace, I can’t say I was impressed.
    From the limited material on his page I could only gather that he was going to the park to shout at black people, who in turn told him to F*** Off and then proceeded to wander of because they couldn’t be bothered with the hassle. Not really scared, or running away in fear.

    In these types of instances what do you do as ‘backup’. Do you wait in the shadows incase these people turn violent, or do you actively participate in shouting at the ‘criminals’ with your friends (for lack of a better term)?

    Further to your comments on Current Bun’s post, do you feel that you would be tied down by joining the military or police forces? Maybe people with you imunity to corruption is exactly what these organisations (the police in particular) needs.
    If not, what about joined the Fire Department, or EMS? Who can honestly say that these people do not help people, save lives and better their community?

    While i’m on this train of throught, do you do any other civic activities like your fellow RLSH? Things like; charity work, aiding the homeless, handing out fliers etc.
    If you do, then maybe one of these other jobs could be a better use of your need to help.

    Just one final question for no, as I feel this post is getting a bit long.

    What is your costume like? From the description you gave in a previos post, I got an image of the Punisher in my head (but wearing a mask). Is that a fair assumption?
    You wear a mask, but could you give us a rough idea of how it looks? Is it a full or half mask, and is it modelled on anything/anyone in particular.

    Actually, one final thing, why ‘Z’ where did you get the inspiration from. I only ask because when I think of that as a name I also get the quote from Pulp Fiction – “Z’s dead baby.”

    I hope you find time to answer all of these questions, so we can paint you in a better light that that of your fellow RLSH.

    Ok, one final final thing (honest), this thread seems to have generated some interest so if you dont like the term RLSH then why don’t you tell us what you prefer? Maybe we could accommodate the ‘correct’ term in future posts.

    Sorry again for the long post, as well as any grammar and spelling mistakes.

  44. I know it started a little angsty, but this has been brilliant.

    I think many of us have learned a few things and become more aware of what others are doing for the protection of others. At the very least it made me read the Declaration of Independence! Thanks Dave, definitely worth the read.

    I’d like to second Erinyes ‘one final thing’ – can we all agree on an appropriate term instead of RLSH. I for one would like to have distinct and separate terms to distinguish people like Z from the fancy dress wannabes that kicked this whole thing off!

  45. I dont really have a name for what I do. I really would just prefer Good Samaritan, but Masked Samaritan might seem more apt… maybe you guys could shove around a few ideas if you like. Im more about the actions than the appearance, hence the name “Z”, which does mean something but I’m going to let it be my own. Sorry, Dont mean to be cryptic but it means more to me than it would to most.

    Chris goes to the park and has plainclothes friends walk around until they get offers to buy drugs. He then confers with the PCs and gets descriptions on who is selling in the park. I am simply along as quiet backup. Last time I tried to have conversations with the dealers, basically telling them that I dont give a shit about drugs or dealers, but i didnt think the park was an appropriate place for them to be doing business. Its a place for families and shit. Thats the extent of what id do, unless one of the guys throw down. Then Im there to back Chris up if he cant handle himself, and from what Ive seen he certainly can.

    My intimidation involves illusion, but is backed up with competence if things go south. Hope that makes sense, as it is all I will say. Its a precarious balance, and I dont know who all reads this stuff, so i really HAVE to keep it to myself.

    I cant work within the system. I operate more smoothly and effectively without people breathing down my neck. I trust my instincts, and they’ve never let me down. Working within the system would be too many things going on at once, plus the question of inner-departmental corruption. No thanks.

    I do give stuff to the homeless, just not with my mask on. While I say kudos to them, its not for me. I think id just freak people out.

    As for the uniform… think I wear a black mask, large eyeholes, all stitched up. Low tech on purpose type of look… think black Deadpool mask. Maybe ill post a picture or two somewhere if you guys want. Guess it cant hurt, and itll lend my words some impact when you see that part of my performance truly is based on inspiring fear. The rest of my uniform is just military gear, black rangers vest, arm and leg pads, Steel toed Ninja Tabi boots…Dont forget the kevlar vest…

    Hmmm… names… Maybe Urban Mercenary? Free Mercenary? I dont know. Cant say much of anything without it sounding really freaking stupid.

    Its like any name would instantly lose power simply by its over-use.

  46. i am gonna insult you now Z. I think personally that you are a pussy, a demented delusional idiot that was bullied at school and had little affection from your parents, Has no life and only the friends you have made running around in fancy dress and being laughed at. you no doubt will end up dead in an alley, in prison or in an asylum somwhere. Maybe Arkham with BATMAN lmao. It annoys me that everyone has tip toed around you for so long. I can’t be bothered to anymore. You are a joke, and what you do is laughable. Selling masks. you remind me of the comic book guy from the simpsons.

    The only thing i will say sorry for is a couldn’t rant for longer and my spelling.

  47. Ok. thats fair. Ill ignore your tone and respond directly to your insinuations. Ready?

    I was bullied at school.
    I received little to no attention from my parents. My mother abandoned me and my father was a drunk mechanic. Yeah, you got me pegged.

    I most likely will end up dead. yes. got me again.

    And this matters why? If anything, im custom made for this work. I honestly dont think youd be saying any of this if you met me. You’d probably be pissing your pants. because lets face it, youre a coward. Hiding. Tossing insults.

    Maybe you should consider the little kid that gets molested by their father their entire
    lives. Or the little girl that gets taken, raped and murdered because the law cant touch the guy because they didnt see it coming.

    Truth is, if i die, fine. I never planned to live that long anyway. Point is, if i die, but save just one kid from this fate, ill not have done this in vain. Maybe its a little outlandish, a little odd, but fuck it.

    There. I think i was pretty diplomatic, considering how i was with you guys just two weeks ago. Guess I am getting better at this public relations thing.

    CB, i challenge you to come to NYC in a few months. If you want to say these things and really have an impact, maybe you’d like to say them face to face?

    But maybe not… lol.

  48. You know, I have to say. Everyone who comes at me with this crap always has the same lame, shallow things to say. The problem is that you can’t think past your own life, you’re self absorbed. You think small, inside some box that you’ve imposed upon yourself.

    You fear whats out there, so everyone that actually takes a chance you have to degrade to make yourself feel superior. Its extremely frustrating because its been done over and over and over, and also because you’re so completely transparent.

    let me just finish with this, and be done with you since I know you’ll come back with something nasty and thoughtless:

    I am here, I’m doing what I do and nothing you will ever say will make me feel that the role i’ve chosen in life is unnecessary. Because I’ve been where you are, and I know how small your mind is, and I will never go back.

    I’m finished with you.

  49. Oh Z, you were doing so well.

    Whatever you choose to do is up to you – but you came on here ranting and raving about the perception you have, so expect to be called out on it.

    As for the others here, you have no idea what they do. You call people shallow, self-absorbed, fearful and small minded while knowing absolutely nothing about them. You base these accusations on them maybe not thinking exactly like you do. Well, get used to it – if you run around in tights and a home made mask intimidating people you can expect a lot of people to think differently to you. People that may well be doing all kinds of things to make the world a better place. Just because their methods might be different to yours is no reason to denigrate them or make snap judgements about people you have no knowledge of whatsoever.

  50. apparently, no one actually reads… they just see a few things and run with them.

    1. i do not wear tights.

    2. with the way this person just berated me, he obviously has a small mind. he could have said everything he wanted to say in a diplomatic manner, but chose to go the degrading route. therefore, i responded with truth.

  51. hey, alan… why dont you address this dude for coming at me with the attitude? Why does it have to be you coming straight at me when i defend myself?

  52. Z – Currant Bun told you what he thought personally and that was his prerogative. You came back with a very level reply and even congratulated yourself on your PR skills!

    Then, before any other comments, you came steaming back on here with all sorts of nasty accusations. While they may have been directed at Currant Bun you made it sound like you were referring to everyone on this post, and that’s disappointing.

    I didn’t come back at him because I decided to give you right of reply first and you came through. Until you felt you had to post again.

  53. No, and I’m not going to. He told you exactly what he thought and that’s his prerogative. He was open about insulting you and said he was sick of other people tip-toeing around you. He’s entitled to that opinion. Given what you do, you should expect a lot of that. It’s not up to me to police what people say.

  54. then dont police how i defend myself.

    my reply was light years more civilized than his. You’re obviously biased here.

  55. Your reply was civilised – initially. Then you came back ranting and implying that everyone here was shallow, self-absorbed, fearful and small minded. I didn’t police what you said – I just said it was disappointing that, after a good degree of progress in this discussion, you just reverted back to your initial style of response.

    Currant Bun’s post was insulting and inflammatory. But you came back and told him he was right. Then you went off in general again. If you can’t see the difference here then you really need to re-evaluate those PR skills.

  56. See, youre still not getting it. Youre assuming im talking about the things he said which i admitted were true. If i admitted what was true, why in the next breath would i go back to the same ol, same ol? No offense, but youre really blinding yourself here.

    I was talking about the fact that people always want to judge and say things we do are laughable, yet we’re out there day in and day out trying to do the best we can, risking our lives to find the right way to make a difference in an unorthodox way. I was talking about the fact that small minded people (which applies only to the people who will not see reason, as more than a few here HAVE been able to see reason and understand logic, WHETHER THEY AGREE WITH ME OR NOT <<<< gotta make that big, cause im sure some will skim over that point on their way to their agenda) always say the same cliche things.

    Again, you are being extremely biased as you read into what i say… you read what you want to read, because youve already made your decision. And if you dont see this, you need to re-evaluate your entire value structure.

  57. Z – here’s my last comment on the subject.

    I wrote a post about these idiots dressing up and pretending to be superheroes. You came on here ranting about bad perceptions and people not understanding what it is that you do. You try in one breath to say that you’re not the same as these lycra clad fools, then in the next breath you’re moaning and whining about not being understood and putting yourself in the same camp as them.

    You decided to come here and open yourself to debate. If you really didn’t care what people thought of RLSHs then you would have ignored this post and got on with what you do. But you didn’t. Therefore, people are going to call you on everything you claim here. Your position is fairly unclear.

    You said: “…which applies only to the people who will not see reason, as more than a few here HAVE been able to see reason and understand logic, WHETHER THEY AGREE WITH ME OR NOT…”

    Here’s where you fail – when someone doesn’t agree with you, despite what you’ve written above, you accuse them of failing to see reason. Their opinion is different to yours and they may not consider your position reasonable. They are entitled to that opinion. Currant Bun made his position very clear, in a direct and rude way. You initially responded very well. Case closed. He has his opinion and you have yours.

    But then you had to spit the dummy again and come back all aggressive, accusing people you don’t know of all kinds of things. There are always going to be a lot of people that don’t agree with you, people that think you’re a tool or a wannabe or whatever. People having a different opinion to you are not the same as people that don’t see reason and understand logic. You need to grasp that difference and grow up a bit. What do you care what people think of you? If they don’t agree with your method or ridicule your position, fuck ’em, right? You’re still doing your thing. Every time you come here ranting and raving about being misunderstood and poorly presented you just sound like a spoiled kid throwing a tantrum. If you really want to be taken seriously, you need to not respond to posts like Currant Bun’s with vitriol and rantings.

  58. Yeah, ok. Im finished with this. You obviously cant read, friend. Or choose not to.

    I do understand that people who dont agree with me is not the same as seeing reason. I get it, thank you for the verbal spanking you keep wanting to deliver, even after ive made it clear that I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. You’re very superior, and all that.

    the problem i have is that some of these people only think theoretically, dont understand just how much unconventional tactics can change a situation, and assume so much. Its evident in their posts, they keep tossing things at me which ive repeatedly corrected them on (including yourself, with the tights thing). You think I’m just assuming things about you, but theres so much i pick up on from what youre saying. You really think a bunch of words can pin it down. Youre wrong.

    Im out there doing it. You just want to fight, obviously. And this is my final post on this page, because I’m done trying to defend myself. You’d ridicule and degrade until i’m right in front of you, saving your ass.

    I’m just not cut out for talking to the masses.

    Excuse my vitriol, but go fuck yourself.

  59. Get over yourself, little man.

    As for you saving my ass, I’ll pass. After nearly thirty years studying and teaching martial arts and strength and fitness conditioning, I have no concerns about my ability to save my own ass. You’re not nearly as special as you think you are.

  60. never said I was special. Im an instrument. Thats the point.

    Its funny, people who say “youre not nearly as special as you think you are” and the like are most often professing their own insecurities to feel superior. One with true humility would let the opponents ego devour itself.

    If you knew anything about true discipline you’d know that. And you never would have told me about your extensive martial arts training. Boast boast boast, Big Man.

  61. So that would be your humility showing through when you come onto a website and rant and rave about yourself, would it?

    My training is part of who I am and it’s plainly visible here and elsewhere. That’s why there’s even a Kung Fu button on this site. But you’d rather make assumptions about people and then whine about how you’re so misunderstood.

    As for someone’s ego devouring itself, you did that long ago. And you’re still doing it.

  62. I was trying to be mum about what i did. Again, you cant seem to read.

    You guys asked me a lot of questions. Which i answered, no embellishments.

  63. Here’s my last on the whole thing, mostly because it’s using up my limited quota of words and if I’m not careful I won’t be able to write or speak to anyone ‘til next year!

    Currant Bun threw in a bunch of insults at a point in the thread where, in my opinion, it was pretty unnecessary as it had all been done weeks ago. I think Z’s response was ok, (not great, but ok) and certainly didn’t feel that his general comments were aimed at me or others who have made comments on the blog. Diplomacy and Public Relations are actually pretty difficult, especially in a text format as you have no intonation on the words to properly express what you are saying. However much you think you’ve thought something through, you can’t always predict how someone is going to interpret what you’ve said – how it’s read is usually driven by the readers world view and their current perceptions of a situation or individual. I could say that all writers deliberately manipulate our thoughts and emotions to their own ends. Though this is an entirely factual statement it implies I have an animosity to writers, when in actual fact I have a great respect for the craft as I am fully aware how difficult it can be to get even the simplest point across using just the written word. Words have power, they can never be taken back, but they can always be misunderstood.

    I’m gonna be generalist now – people do not deal well with things that are different, strange or not in a normal pattern of behaviour. When something crops up that is outside the norm we tend to get defensive and squawk around all unsettled, poking it with a stick until we’re satisfied it’s not a threat. In doing so we will usually assign a name as that grants us a degree of power, moving it from the unknown to the quantifiable. The media use this all the time and are fully aware that the name you give something can cause people to go into blind panic, shrug with indifference or go “Ahh, isn’t that cute”. If Swine Flu had been called Piggy Sniffles people would have had a completely different perception of it.

    Vigilantism has been around for centuries. Most frontier town sheriffs were pretty much elected vigilantes and many of us, when victims of crime, have thoughts along the lines of “what I’d do to that guy if I got hold of him”. And this can be for relatively minor stuff like someone smashing your car window to nick your stereo. It’s mostly a hypothetical thought, usually born in the comfort of our homes whilst in rage about the event. In reality, despite the thought, we’ll happily let the police deal with the situation. Vigilantes are the few that are actively willing to do something about it. In the 1700’s this would have been relatively normal with whole groups of villagers uniting to drive out an undesirable. Today it’s seen as odd as the majority of us are happy to leave it to the police to sort out. With the dissolution of community comes a degree of apathy.

    In the last decade or so there has been a massive transference of comic book superheroes to the big screen, which has significantly shifted them from the predominantly ‘kids’ format to main stream culture (yes I know that’s a potentially inflammatory comment). This in itself has inspired a degree of costumed heroes and naturally the title Real Life Super Heroes has been coined. We love it when positive fiction starts to blur into the real world. Sadly there is no person on earth that will ever match up to the fictional characters, no one has super powers and they’re always going to look like they’re off to a fancy dress party or comic convention.

    In reality, Vigilantism needs to be out of the public eye to be effective. As soon as it becomes media worthy, truth and perception get manipulated in favour of a good story. Completely unrelated, but a good example of this – a couple of months back, there was front page news here “Oxford Student University Challenge Cheat”. Basic summary, some nobby Oxford student was actually no longer a student and was working whilst he competed on University Challenge. As it happens I worked with his Mum for 15 years, so I know the truth – he’s not some nobby rich kid, he’s from a working class background and worked his butt off to get a place at Oxford, let alone the massive expense his parents faced to facilitate that. A few years back, the BBC changed the scheduling of University Challenge and it now spans two academic years. This kid was asked to join a team to compete back in January last year and they got to the semi-finals. The semi-finals and finals are all filmed over one weekend in November, which is, of course, into the next academic year. By this point he had graduated and though he intended to go on to do a PHD, a lack of funding meant a change of plan and so he started a job. He was a student when he signed up and the BBC raised no issues with his change of status, so everything went ahead. Nearly three months after transmission, this comes out as headline news and now, despite the inaccuracies, he has to live with the label of Nobby Oxford Cheat – to the point where the Chartered Institute of Accountants wrote to his company questioning whether they should employ someone with that kind of ‘moral integrity’. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story regardless of the impact it may have on someone’s life. Anyway, my point here is that Z, you should be glad of RLSH’s taking media attention away from you. The more the media latches on to pricks in a spider-man costume, the further away they are from you. Stay away from the media, they will never be there to tell ‘your story’ they will always be there to get a story that sells.

    Reality rarely lives up to our imagination. The more facts we get about Z’s activities, the more it moves away from our imagined Jackie Chan scene. I’m happy to accept that Z is outside the norm (I know I did my share of stick poking earlier on) and I’m glad this blog meant that out paths crossed and we had a chance, at least to some degree, to have a discussion with him. As for the PR stuff, Al, your job is words and Z’s isn’t so I’m comfortable not to rip holes in his responses. He’s tried and made a good effort and things were going well until Currant Bun chipped in and took us back to square one. If this conversation was had face to face round a table, it would have gone totally differently – people aren’t so quick to be confrontational or abusive when actually speaking to someone.

    Z, if you want support for what you do, I’d suggest you need to keep away from anything that relates to support for specific individuals and focus on support for the principles of community justice. Encourage people to get involved in making a stand – “we don’t want this shit happening in our neighbourhood” type thing. No idea how you’d do this – maybe organise some flash mobs through Facebook or Twitter? I’m no activist, so I really wouldn’t know where to start. Good luck with what you’re doing. Currant Bun’s ‘psych profile’ is potentially a blueprint for someone who would become an abuser, yet you’ve turned it to doing something positive and that’s a worthwhile achievement in itself.

    I’m going to finish with a point that hasn’t been raised, which is surprising given that it’s a fiction site…

    You couldn’t have made this up!

  64. Graham – I couldn’t agree more on all points. Well said.

    Z – it’s been an interesting discussion – thanks for posting here. I wish you all the best.


  65. Thanks for a thorough and clear headed chat, with most of you.

    Yeah, my first mistake was thinking I could appeal to people over the net. Thats just not my thing.

    You live, you learn. Time to go back under the radar.


  66. Well done, Z.

    I have held you to a higher standard than anyone else commenting here, mainly because you’re the one that’s been trying to justify the “abnormal”, for wont of a better description. In truth, if you’re not a RLSH like the ones mocked in my original post then just forget about them and posts like this. Get on with what you do and let the public think what they like.

    Best of luck.

  67. You obviously haven’t read many posts then. Just your perception, mate. Try clicking on Religion in the Categories, right hand sidebar.

    Nice try.


  69. Why are you shouting? Just live a good life and be nice to people – that’s the start of being a hero right there.

  70. FOOLS!!! have you not heard the quote “In order for evil to exist good men must do nothing”….I cannot wait for the law to act…here in the slums drug dealers go unchecked they put poison into hands of the youth….or worst lure them into a life of crime. I must act for the greater good.

  71. Glad we could entertain you.

    It’s been a while, I know, but if you don’t mind, Alan, I have an issue that I’m trying to call attention to… Hopefully you allow me to do so here, but if you erase the link I totally understand.

    Although you might just find it interesting. There’s finally a picture to go along with the attitude, haha.


    Hope everyone is well, and Happy Holidays if you celebrate them.

  72. So they’re making some dumb movie about “Real Life Super Heroes”? I can understand where you’re coming from, but you really need to step away from RLSH. If it’s not who you are or what you stand for, why give a fuck what they’re doing? Carry on doing your thing and let your actions define you. All the time you rage against the RLSH it gives the impression that you somehow identify with them and need their approval or condonement. You don’t.

  73. In fact, I just watched the trailer at the RLSH website and it looks kinda cool. It looks funny. If you think this damages your identity, you really need to think again about your identity. It’s like an archeologist complaining that Indiana Jones movies undermine his relevance and damage his image as an archeologist.

  74. the movement is starting within the RLSH community, and we are just starting to move away from the Super Hero aspect and into a more realistic way of thinking. I personally hate the title, but it would be ridiculous to try and start fresh and completely sever ties with this community when there are so many able and willing guys and gals willing to do good things.

    And, for the record, the title RLSH… I don’t chase IT around, it has a tendency of chasing ME around… And I saw in this case that, i had to make a statement or be lumped into it due to generalizations.

    it damages our identity because its a bloodbath, and we cant have the public thinking that we go around slaughtering people… moreover, it’s irresponsible for people that do what we do to publicly endorse the movie, and get paid for it.

    That’s just selling out.

  75. Ya know what. Why don’t the real life superheroes opt to be called Costumed heroes, masked adventurers, costumed revolutionaries, or better, watchmen? by the way, that was funny “Artemis of San Diego reported on his blog that he had heard a woman screaming outside his home but by the time he had dressed up in his costume the police were already there.”…no duh!

  76. I think that movie wouldn’t be half as damaging if it wasn’t endorsed by costumed avengers. The comics, I enjoy, so I wanna watch the movie. I think people are generally secure in the fact that benevolent costumed avengers aren’t going to hop out of the alleyways and billy-stick you to death.

    However, I see Z’s point.

    If some idiots were to group together and protest costumed avengers because of the movie, the whole operation could go underwater. And, because of the ones in the media, the underground ones like Z would get picked out first.

  77. Well, how’s the independence looking, Z? Don’t let the other heroes or the media bring you down. I’m going to be a cop soon, and then a real life superhero in my spare time.

  78. I was actually thinking of applying to the NYPD… just to be devil’s advocate. But in the meantime, I want to get on with building the movement, and moving us away from the theatrics.

    We CAN transpose this whole idea into reality. We don’t have to be self-deceiving or have our heads buried in the sand. We just have to know which parts to drop, and which parts to keep, that’s all.

    This can spread so easily, with just a little push…

  79. Z, you’ve got a just head on your shoulders. At least you’re out there. I wish we had more people who thought like you here, in this country [not America]. It’d be safer…and cleaner, and there would be less dead kids and young people in the streets.

  80. I’m in the Bahamas. Random, I know. Generally a quiet place, at least in the world’s eye. When crime happens, though, everyone knows about it, and you can bet that someone outside of the actual offenders knows when and where before it happens–yet no one seems to do anything about it. “Seriously, I don’t dig the tights” is here as well, and don’t let him fool you. You and he seem to think close to the same when it comes to justice. At least that’s one person.

  81. Z sure seems to be a guy with a big mouth, spending much more time tracking down relevant blogs and posting about himself on web forums than he could possibly spend exacting ANY sort of justice – “vigilante” or otherwise – in the real world.

    It’s a VERY safe bet that he hasn’t actually done anything that he claims (unless he just looks up people on the sex offender registry and stalks them, which is just weird and sad).

    I’ve often thought that if someone REALLY wanted to fight crime rather than attempt to inflate their ego – anonymously on the internet – they would never say a word… and reports of gang members and drug dealers ending up in the hospital would be all over the news.

    Granted, I suppose it would be very easy to rationalize NOT going after violent criminal organizations (“cowardice” and “ineffectiveness” I’m sure would never, EVER top the list, if you were to ask this friendly neighborhood vigilante, though).

    But, come on, people, Z isn’t out there fighting crime. He’s just like all these other fellas… trapped in a cycle of profound self-delusion.

    But, entertaining self-delusion, to be sure.

  82. Half the goal here is inspiration and recruitment to the cause. Hence why I am around at all.

    And btw, you’ll see nationwide proof this year. I’ll let my actions speak for themselves.

    If you’d like to accompany me on a patrol with my team, or have a look at the gear, or perhaps a sparring match, you’re welcome to come to NYC and I’ll set all of that up for you. Until then, I would advise that you stick to what you know for a fact.

    We want to empower the people of this country, and that means we’re going to have to demonstrate what we do. If I wasn’t prepared to man up and show what I can do I certainly wouldn’t be speaking to the public like this.

    But if you want to be that guy that hides behind his computer, disbelieving a completely earnest attempt at making the world a better place within the law (but admittedly pushing the boundaries within the rules), by all means, go for it.

    Just know that it’s not terribly original.

    And finally: I’m sorry if I have enough time to surf the web, patrol, work a full time job, AND train AND still work on masks AND have a full social life in New York… i’m also sorry that some people don’t understand that it’s entirely possible to pack your days with activity.

    That’s YOUR deficiency, YOUR problems, not mine. Don’t judge the world by your laziness.

  83. Btw, I don’t go after drug dealers. I go after people who use their power to oppress other people. Physically, sexually, financially, etc.

    I have a protocol for certain missions… bait patrols have served me well… although I will admit, I just got to NYC in October and haven’t had a chance to set up shop for the pedophiles here yet. That requires some research.

    Meanwhile, we’re building the team and just trying to get on track. Also putting plans in motion for non-profit status, tech ideas like the Sonic Disruptor gun (look it up, the totally legal specs are on the net), the RB Flasher(my own personal design) and other legal non lethals.

    We’re going through CERT programs, one of our members is training to be an EMT, we all have martial arts training, etc etc.

    But of course we’re all bullshit and don’t do what we say. That must be it.

    Just pay attention to the news. There won’t be any interviews, but you’ll see what I’m talking about nevertheless.

  84. Perfect! I’m ALWAYS down for a sparring match! I’m free Wednesday, January 20th. Let’s say 9pm on the dot in the center of Tompkins Square Park. I’ll be the dude with the red shirt, backwards ball cap (brown) and flashlight, so you know it’s me. Bring your cute mask and your sonic disruptor… or your red and blue flashing light. Either one is cool with me.

  85. Ok, your choice. See you there. We’ll make sure it’s a patrol that night, so no big deal if you choose not to show up. I imagine you’re grandstanding to dominate this conversation anyway.

    We won’t be wearing masks. And I’ll bring gloves so we don’t get arrested for assault.

    You might want to pack a mouthpiece. We only have one for each of us, and I’m not paying for your dental work.

  86. We have a few very small video cams, and definitely more than a few cameras. If the guy actually shows up, we’ll get something.

  87. Oh, that’s sad. So instead of a real life superhero it’s just a pack of dudes walking around at night?

    So, it’s like every other night in NYC. Quite handle-able!

  88. Alright, the jig is up, “Dude, I seriously don’t dig the tights” is me, NiteWatch, a bahamian Costumed adventurer. Dang it RG, you had to figure and spoil things… Anyway, yeah, Z is right, we’re everywhere. Some of us take it vigilante style, while others such as Z and soon to be me, will be taking the radical approach to things. I do support Z’s point of view as well as I see the mainstream hero’s own as well. Z, I’d love to also see that video as well. By the way, I found this site by searching for other RLSH.

  89. Hahaha!

    Change of venue, little fella!

    Park entrance at E 9th St and Ave A. Same Z Time, Same Z Channel! Remember; red shirt, flashlight! Bring even MORE friends, if you like… why stop at just the four of you? And bring all the cameras you can muster! The more the merrier!

  90. Never claimed to be a hero. You guys keep getting that wrong. I’m just a dude doing a job.

    And remember, it’s not a gang fight, it’s a sparring match… or five. You bring any weapons into the park and we’ll bust you just like any other guy.

    You attack us with said weapons, and we won’t be friendly anymore.

    And let me make this clear… this sparring match serves two purposes: Some good sparring (maybe), and us stepping out of the shadows to dispel any doubts.

  91. Don’t worry, my mysterious vigilante friend, no one doubts your ability to wander around at night with your friends. No doubts to dispel! I’ll bet if I applied myself, someday I could aspire to do the same!

  92. You sure fling around the “no more talk” a LOT. How many times have you sworn NOT to post on here, only to keep posting over and over and over and OVER?


    Ego trumps all.

    What if I DIDN’T show up? What would you have video of? An empty street?

    How am I supposed to know it’s you? I mean, you’re too scared to walk around with your costume on, right? If you think walking around in a costume is going to attract attention in NYC then you need to learn a few million things about NYC… especially the Village.

    Hee hee!

  93. It’s tonight.

    …meanwhile, this Prankster person sent me a friend request on Myspace disguised as an Asian girl. And is now suddenly a “super-villain”…

    So I’m not sure if this is a sparring match or something else.

    Guess we’ll find out tonight.

  94. Blah blah Im smarter than you blah blah You are nothing blah blah. Don’t remember. Threw the note in the trash.

    A lot of talk about how much of a cock I am, from what I recall. Don’t really care. They didn’t have the balls to show up, and didn’t have the brains to have anything fun set up.

    I’m done with it.

  95. I think I’m a little disappointed, honestly. I was expecting more from this. If nothing else, then at least a good challenge.

    Lucid was ALL ready to go.

  96. Quoting Lucid: “This guy seriously thinks its a remarkably difficult task to not show up and write up some note in crayon? What a fuckin’ Ding-dong.”

    Sorry, had to share that.

  97. Hmmm maybe they had people with cameras Z.

    Maybe the whole thing was to bait you out and get lots of pictures? Perhaps they even shadowed you and followed you back to the Z cave?

    Your tagged vigilante. Now go forth and continue your mission but do take in mind when you screw up your mask now means nothing.

  98. Z, do not be brought down, keep on fighting the good fight. Those who disagree with you had better been helping out citizens and making their communities better. Other wise they’ll just be another empty barrel making a load of noise.

  99. We thought of all that, PK. Even if you’re not talking out of your ass, go ahead and try to bring us down. Post our faces on the internet. Revealing our secrets means nothing to us. We’ve done nothing wrong.

    I’ll say it one more time: You. Can’t. Stop. Us.

    Backing us into a corner only makes us stronger. We’re not like the spandex-fetishists in the RLSH community.

    The mask never meant anything. It’s the man behind it that’s the key, always.

    You have a lot to learn, man.

  100. Hello, I am a new rlsh. I have a few things to say. Why the hell are they making a movie? It’s just going to make us look like shitbags and wannabees! And why is the term “real life” superheroes? Is it too shocking for the human race to find out that a few people decided to be superheroes? By the way, just because, I’d like to point out the disgraces in the rlsh community. Shadow Hare has a gay name. He attends public fairs and such and just stands there, taking pictures with children. What the fuck!? A superhero isn’t a freaking mascot! Next is Anglegrinder Man. All in all, he’s just a criminal. And I’m glad that Terrifica retired. I mean, how the hell is a pacifist supposed to fight crime? Another thing. Why do alleged rlsh have Myspaces? IPs are traceable. (Wow, that’s a ‘no shit’ fact.) And yes, we must break certain laws in order to do what we do.

  101. so, it seems after an extensive amount of research that a large % of the rlsh community are :

    1. overweight and unfit – Makes it a little hard to run down those criminals.

    2. wearing costumes sewn together from bedsheets and Halloween costumes. – Not really “protective”

    3. making videos and posting them on you-tube telling of all the wondrous things they can do to help and all the dangerous things they will do to “criminal scum” – I am yet to see ANYTHING other than picking up trash and feeding homeless.

    – Now I’m not trying to offend and it’s not that I don’t think these acts of service aren’t valid and extremely helpful and generous to your community. Your not really “Super Heroes”. Wearing a uniform and picking up trash…I think that’s community service. it’s a punishment lol.

    The term Superhero, and don’t quote me, means one exhibiting extraordinary powers or abilities. Don’t bore me with semantics or the lists of non-powered comic book characters.
    All I’m saying is I out of every person in the world would probably be the most ecstatic to see a REAL super hero join the ranks of civility and empower the human race with Goodness, and righteousness…. but I am afraid that day is yet to come.

    If you don’t have the ability to take down the criminal underworlds, and I mean the lot because once you start they’ll all want you (and take it from me it ain’t hard to find someone these days.) Then you probably should re-evaluate your position and perhaps lose the cape and join a charity league where you service could do more good.

    The first fool who goes out and tries this for real and ends up dead (and you will) all the false promises to the children of the world will be shattered. You may be doing damage without even knowing it by building up false dreams in the growing youth. They need real role models.

    Then again when superman finally does show up, what an amazing inspiration it would be.

    And you know what… some times there may be people with extra-ordinary abilities but their too damn scared off being ostracized that no-one ever knows they existed.

    I know your hearts are all in the right place, but maybe you need to have a little think.

    Good luck in this sad world, hope you all find a little light.

    If anyone ever finds proof please post it I would love to believe.

  102. Woah… quite a long argument there people! Sorry if I sound insulting, but this argument sounds…childish. It’s like a schoolyard argument!I doubt that all of the commentators here are adults (I’m surly not), but let’s just drop the topic, eh?
    But its still quite entertaining!

  103. And isn’t the term here “vigilantes”? Isn’t that illegal?
    And how are we helping society if we beat up a portion of it?
    Just raising a point…

  104. So you admit you’re not an adult, then you try to tell the adults what to do (that being to drop the subject) THEN you raise a new point.

    Well done.

  105. Thanks (that’s not sarcastic, right…?)
    But yeah, I see the flaw…(whoops…)
    But hey, shouldn’t children also have a say occasionally? (Ageism?)

  106. No. Children should be seen and not heard. This society panders way too much now to children. The Internet belongs to the adults. Go sit in your corner until we tell you you can get out of it.

  107. “To be seen and not heard”-How would we do that on the internet? Post a picture? What would be the point of that?
    1. To act as a go-between or liaison in sexual intrigues; function as a procurer. …What? I wouldn’t want to be in that society…
    2. To cater to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploit their weaknesses. …What?

  108. Yes, I think just like there is a legal age to drive, and a legal age to drink and smoke, there should be a legal age to surf the web and talk to other people on it. Twenty-five would be my preference, but… there are some pretty cool people a little younger than that.

    Just think, if you couldn’t post on the internet until you were an adult, think of all the retarded things you’d avoid saying and saving for posterity in pixel land.

  109. Yeah, I guess the last statement is agreeable (Why am I semi-arguing about a topic that isn’t related to the article?).

    But again,some students may need to use the internet for researching topics for their schoolwork.

    Also, you’re only looking at the youth who post/”say” messed-up things. And what about the adults who still act childish?
    Pixel land.

  110. Hmm. It is a shame that because of people like Shadow Hare, what once could have been may never be. Sure, going on patrols on the streets like a moron is absolutely going to make people feel safer. All it’s going to do is bring laughter towards the poor “hero”. Yeah, handing out food to the homeless is great, but you don’t need to wear a fucking costume to do that. That’s called being a productive member of society, not a RLSH or whatever bullshit they’ve decided to call themselves now. If they want to help people in need out, then by all means, go ahead.But if you are like me, you will go to the root of the problem, the origin, and eliminate it. In a few years, you will likely hear about me on the news. Unlike these “RLSH”, materialistic pricks, my goal is not to be famous. It is to take down anyone who is wronging the innocent, hurting the defenseless. I do not intend to do this with pepper spray or a tazer. I will not hesitate to break a law in order to catch these people. At no moment will I think twice about the value of the life I am about to take. To me, the lives of these rapists, murderers, psychopaths, gangsters are nothing. I will do what I must. And please, before you criticize me, think about this: I am not crazy (lol). I am not kidding. And I will not back down.

  111. Oh cool. A psychotic vigilante killer, just what we need.

    Thanks, I’m sure that killing a few people will vastly outweigh the number of people you could influence if you found some middle ground between the RLSH and the civvie.

    I’m sure that satisfying your personal hungers also outweigh the needs of humanity, which I’m ALSO sure that need is, of course, to be inspired and influenced by more murder and violence. Because humanity needs more violence in their lives.

    You need to take a good look at the state of the world. You need to think creatively, because what you’d be doing by killing people is ensuring that you’d do a personal job on a very small scale, never creating a larger movement or lasting message other than a cautionary tale.

    Also, if you’re going to do this, you should probably shut the fuck up about it.

  112. ….:)
    This discussion board has amused me for quite sometime now, your back and forth …what’s the phrase, trolling?
    It amazes me what things a person would write, whilst safely in their home, or at an internet cafe. Oh I’m going to take peoples lives, I’m going to clean up this town… yadda yadda. Now please forgive, I’m not trying to goad or entice a reaction here, I myself even hide behind a small level of anonymity, I’m simply…observing.

    I pose a question however, being that you are all very passionate about the subject. – A real-life, costume wearing, WORLD NEWS making, super energized, Altered human being – something incredible, like….the ability to withstand gunfire on their bare skin or…the skill to channel electric currents from the earth through their body…what would this mean to all of you? SERIOUSLY?
    What – Would – Your – True – Reaction be to such an appearance. Would you rejoice in your child hood dreams coming to life, would you feel empowered to “join the fight” or would you feel belittled at the fact that, that which you aspire to be like, is finally right there in front of you and you can’t really match up.
    And what if this person chose the side of self gratification over the survival of our species. What if they were a “villain”?
    Do you really think you would have a chance at standing up to them with such overwhelming and unimaginable power? Honestly?
    with your…pepper spray?

    Again I realize I can sound arrogant, I’m not trying to say your all talk or that I want to gain a rise out of you but what I want is for all of you to take the time to stop and think about things from another angle.

    The challenge is to take what we view as fantasy and look at it as a reality. Then you get real answers to unreal questions.


    p.s. Rain…some advice, regardless of whether you are a small child trying to be amusing or a grown adult trying to do something you’ll regret, there is a good chance you have no idea what it is like to take someones life with intent, and our history is filled with the tormented souls of those who do. So before you write callous words like that again perhaps you should talk to some world war veterans and see if they think it was cool. Even if they did think that the enemy were ‘bad guys’.

  113. Actually, every veteran I’ve talked to said almost the exact same thing:”Those bastards deserved it.” So no, they didn’t consider it ‘cool’, they considered it ‘what had to be done’. And both of your posts (Z and John) just prove even further that America is not what it used to be. Now, everyone is just a bunch of pussies. People who are rapists, murderers, etc, they DO NOT deserve any more life! They deserve a bullet in the head and a ‘Welcome’ card to Hell!

    The world is a very violent place.It always has been, and always will be. So, Z, instead of doing stupid shit like going on patrols, look for trouble. Now, when I say that, I mean that if you see something bad happening, then get in there and kick some ass! Criminals are just like dogs and bullies. They only pick on the weak. Once someone either teaches them a lesson or beats the shit out of them, they stop! So now you get to stfu for even calling yourself a ‘rlsh’.

  114. laws and justice.
    oxymoron ?
    The main issue with Real Hero’s in general is that . to be fair and just isn’t enough in todays world. there are too many bad guys that hid behind the laws , and continue to do what can be considered evil . a rapist can be not guilty but far from innocent.
    I’m not a hero but to watch a crime and not get involved is the mark of a coward.
    bravo to those with balls enough to don spandex. or not and get ivolved in defending the truely innocent

  115. Okay? If I was a “superhero” I’d certainly wouldn’t be in forums writing about it much less being registered as an RLSH, neither would I be making youtube videos asking for response, I would be investigating criminals or criminal organizations and try a way to stop them turning them over to the police with evidence when possible, not trying to convince them by saying “If you don’t stop your illegal activity I’m going to break your legs next time.” or something like that, not to mention all the dangers of fighting crime or the cost of equipment to do it competently and have a decent uniform that doesn’t look like an anime convention reject.

  116. First of all, Jim, I applaud you for making statement about the anime convention rejects. Second of all, I agree that it is stupid to make Youtube videos asking for help, when someone could just as easy send a friend invite, get their email and find out where they live. Although, there is nothing wrong with posting on forums. The only wrong part is people like Z saying that they hunt down criminals.The difference between me and him is that I have the guts to pull the trigger. Now Jim, you said that the cost would be difficult to pay. Well, some laws have to be broken to mend others. In these difficult times, we must make sacrifices for the greater good.

  117. Killing someone is easy. Living in a black and white world is easy too.

    The only thing this says about you is that you don’t think past your own bloodlust. And your justifications make you just as bad as the guys you go after.

    So basically you’re just another piece of shit. An unoriginal, caveman piece of shit.

  118. In case you haven’t noticed, Z, the ‘bad guys'(as you call them) don’t give a shit about ethics. Sometimes hands must be dirtied to do what is right. By the way, your Myspace’s URL is “the urban mercenary”. How do you call it that when you openly criticize me for my tactics? Also, how do you justify that it’s easy to kill someone when you never have? You say that I’m a piece of shit? Is that what you call someone when you’ve been outwitted everywhere else? Wow, and I thought you could sink no lower. Also, your trail of posts about yourself and your drunkard of a mother have led me to believe that you suffer from an unfortunate mental illness. My condolences, asshole.

  119. Oh wow, that stupid rlsh thing is still going? Wow, I need to delete these losers’ Myspaces and such. As to Rain, good luck killing all of those…ahem…bad guys. As for Alan, love your site, you are very interesting, thoughtful and funny. I’ll remember not to target your site:). As to Z, umm, you’ve contradicted yourself on almost all of your posts. You’ve also managed to misunderstand what everyone was saying. Reading comprehension fail.

  120. OK, I think this thing has run its course. Thanks for the crazy ride everyone – now let’s all walk away and get on with whatever lives we choose to follow. Nothing to see here.

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