Things that make me happy

This is an end of shelf display at Dymocks in Southland, Victoria. I’m stoked to be sharing bookstore shelf space with such tremendous company. Thanks to the manager there, Chuck McKenzie, for putting little folk like me in with the big names. Chuck is a legend for supporting quality dark fiction, whether it’s through the big six or through small press like mine. Seriously, you could do worse than owning a copy of every book in that display. If you like your dark fiction, go and get each of these.

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6 thoughts on “Things that make me happy

  1. That’s so great that you were able to slip in there and put one of your books on the shelf without anyone noticing 😉

  2. Hey! You might notice the Autographed Edition sticker on there. That’s from when I did an in-store signing at Halloween last year.

  3. There aren’t enough vampire romance novels in existence to add up to the value of one signed book from me.

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