Grudge Monkey to enforce motivation

This is the Grudge Monkey:

That’s right. Get the fuck out of his way.

I’ve come to an arrangement with the Grudge Monkey – he’s going to take it personally whenever I procrastinate or procrastilax. Therefore, if I’m cocking about when I should be writing, Grudge Monkey is going to come and fuck me up. It’s a fairly serious situation I’ve put myself in, but I’m a terrible procrastinator. All writers are in my experience. So drastic action was required.

From now on, whenever I’m not writing when I should be, wasting my time doing something stupid, Grudge Monkey will get pissed off. Shit! Here he comes!

Dude, get off me! I’m writing. I’M WRITING!


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8 thoughts on “Grudge Monkey to enforce motivation

  1. I wonder who’d win in a fight? Grudge Monkey or Karate Monkey (from Grandma’s Boy)? Both are pretty bad-ass!

  2. hahaha I need one of these…chained to my desk…

    My problem is I write in spurts then don’t touch it for days. Daily I’m-a-mom life gets in the way of sitting down. Thankfully my daughter is old enough now to remind me to eat. O_O LOL

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