A great review for Xmas

Those lovely people over at Book Lover’s Club, a group on Facebook, have reviewed RealmShift. Here’s an excerpt:

RealmShift builds pace as the story progresses, rocketing us towards the ultimate showdown, never releasing us from its grip until the climax.

Not only is it thought-provoking in its exploration of religious beliefs, but contains magic, dark humour, action and fight-scenes so intense and so realistic that it would be difficult to find their rival.

For lovers of dark fantasies, thrillers or just a bloody good read, this book comes highly recommended.

Now I’m looking forward to reading its sequel, Mage Sign.

Wow. How cool is that? I’m very happy. The full review is here. If you’re a Facebooker, you should click Like on the Book Lover’s Club page as they do good stuff over there. There’s also going to be a competition coming up, so if you Like the page you’ll get notification of that and any future reviews and comps. It’s a win-win for everyone.


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