A great review for RealmShift

There is nothing better for an author than words of praise from a reader. A reader doesn’t have to say anything about a book they read. If they don’t like any given book, they usually just don’t say anything other than telling friends and family about it. If they really enjoy a book, they’ll usually do the same. It’s great for authors when someone takes the time to tell the world what they thought, in the form of a review, especially when they really enjoy a book. RealmShift just got this 5 star review from cbell. It was posted on the Smashwords.com page for RealmShift.

I’ve just gone for a ride on the rollercoaster that is RealmShift!

We have 3 stories running alongside each other, and I can’t pick my favourite. They all held my interest and I couldn’t wait to pick up the book again when life and sleep interrupted my reading.

When the 3 stories collide in the climax towards the end of the book, I was reading fast and furious, eating up the words, absolutely focussed on what was happening, right there with the characters.

Alan, I’m trying not to believe in that unmentionable place full of horrors, but you made it so believable. It was horrifying. I had cold shivers reading some parts of the book, brr.

Plenty of horror and fantasy, throw in some religion, sci-fi and history, and you have RealmShift. Wow! This book was worth every cent and more.

As soon as I’d finished RealmShift, I started MageSign. I want to keep reading about Isiah.

Thanks, Alan! What a great book!

I can not begin to describe how good this makes me feel. I have to write, it’s in my bones. I couldn’t not write. Even if people hated every word I typed I’d still feel driven to do it, although I might keep it to myself if I got really slammed. But reviews like this make it all so much more worthwhile and satisfying. Thanks cbell!


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