Great RealmShift review at Scary Minds

Scary Minds is “horror’s last colonial outpost on the internet.” It’s a very slick website that dedicates itself to all things horror from Australia and New Zealand. It’s “unapologetic in dedicating itself to purely local content.” Sounds bloody good to me.

They’ve just posted a review of RealmShift and it’s a great review and possibly the most thorough I’ve ever had. Here’s a selection of choice comments from it:

Baxter doesn’t waste much time ripping into things as Isiah is immediately battling the forces of hell, due to being a thorn in the side of Satan. From here the book doesn’t lag at any stage and actually cranks up the pace as things start rocketing to Mayan Pyramid central, the reader will tend to get swept along in the flow, so just go with it. Alan Baxter has a keen eye for pace and lets his writing style reflect the race against time that his protagonist is consumed by…

Don’t expect the normal horror tropes to be renting a room in this particular Hotel, Alan Baxter has thrown a particularly nasty curve ball at us…

I had a whole bunch of fun with this novel, and yes really dug the philosophical side of things Alan Baxter was sending my way…

An invigorating read that will have thriller fans high fiving each other, and horror fans grooving to the beat.

It scored a very humbling 8 out of 10 stars. The whole review is far more in-depth and you can read it all here.

Very nice. While you’re there, check out some of the other content on Scary Minds – it’s a great site.


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