Great news to wake up to

I woke up this morning (Sunday) to a few congratulatory messages from friends and discovered that my story, Punishment Of The Sun, from the Dead Red Heart anthology published by Ticonderoga Publications, was included in Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mention list in The Best Horror of the Year #4.

I’m so pleased with this news. When I decided to submit a story for this anthology of Australian vampire fiction it was important to me to write a story where the vampires were as they should be (in my opinion) and that’s feral, nasty bastards who feed on humans without care or moral discomfort. They needed to be proper horror monsters. So for Ellen to pick the story for an Honorable Mention is a great indicator that maybe I achieved what I set out to. My thanks to Ellen Datlow for picking the story and thanks to Russell B Farr at Ticonderoga for publishing it.

Congrats to all the others listed. Here’s the full list, at Ellen’s LiveJournal.


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