Great fiction at The Red Penny Papers

I want to periodically post about places that publish quality speculative fiction that you may not have heard about. It’s fair to assume that any spec fic fans out there know all about the big names like Clarkesworld and Asimov’s and Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine and so on. Although we all know what they say about assumptions, I’m going with it anyway. I want to point out some less well known places that are still worth your attention. Today that recommendation is the Red Penny Papers.

From their About page:

One rainy afternoon, I found my dear sister-in-law alone in the sitting room. To my shock and potential mortification, she had my collection of sensational literature out of its (obviously inadequate) hiding spot behind the leather-bound editions of Thackeray. She looked up from an eight-part adventure of Black Bess to say, “My dear Maggie! What is this rubbish?”

“Clara, my love, they’re adventures.”

“They’re those– those red pennies!”

“You mean penny bloods, my dear? Or perhaps penny dreadfuls?”

“Oh, yes. Perhaps I do.”

She looked from the lurid literature in her lap to me, and then back again several times. And then she finally said, “Have you any more?”

And so were born the Red Penny Papers

The Red Penny Papers publishes “Sensationalist and Fantastical Fiction” – novellas on a regular serial basis and short fiction quarterly. Issue 3 has just been released.

I have a novella to be published there at the start of next year, but don’t wait till then to have a look. They’ve been putting out some great stuff and are well worth your time.


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