Friday Flash – Trapped

For Friday Flash this week I thought I’d draw your attention to a piece I’ve just had published in the House Of Horror ezine in the UK. Each issue there is divided up into different rooms, with different things available in each part of the house – you can find my piece in The Basement, where it belongs.

It’s called “Trapped” and it’s a little yarn about the way a couple cares for each other. I hope you like it.

Click here to go directly to the story.


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27 thoughts on “Friday Flash – Trapped

  1. What a very good piece of writing.

    The twist did add to the horror of it all: he will be a prisoner in his own body with no hope of recuperation.

    All due to his greed.

    Very scary!

  2. Reay – I’ve emailed the webmaster already about that but haven’t heard anything back. *shrug*

    Thanks to the rest of you – glad you liked it!

  3. I originally thought this story was about someone’s anger over his condition and the end definitely surprised me. Stark and visceral descriptions of what I call a “turning point”–when one life changes into another. There’s no pity for this guy, though. I hope the woman finds out before investing too mich more in him.

  4. Poor woman!
    Very good twist, and wonderfully dark and horrible!
    I got a wonderful sense of the woman’s good qualities from all the bile theat was spewing from the guy’s mouth – great job!

  5. Well, it’s probably amazing porridge. You know, she’d do anything to try to give him some quality of life after the terrible thing that happened to him.

  6. Even though he was so venomous and harsh, I still felt sorry for him. That is, up until the end. She may be giving him porridge, but I’d say he’s getting his just desserts. That was excellent! ~ Olivia

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