Friday Flash – One Thought

I have very little time this week, so I apologise if this little piece is not up to my usual standard. I pretty much wrote it and posted it in a single sitting, which is something I never usually do. I’m sure if I read it again in a day or two I’ll see loads of changes that I’d like to make. It’s more the exploration of an idea than anything else, a moment frozen in time. It’s a piece of imagery that I’ve had in my mind for a while now. I hope you like it.

One Thought

All kinds of thoughts tumbled through the back of Jaiden’s mind, struggling to reach the surface. The gruelling ass-kicking that went under the innocuous name of Basic Training. Sky-larking in barracks, playing pranks on each other, going out drinking whenever leave was granted. How the combination of hard work and fun had made him feel so alive, given him so much purpose.

The trade he was learning, being paid to get a university degree. Qualifications that would lead to great jobs back in civilian life. How he could never have afforded the education the army was providing him any other way.

He tried to think about Cally back home, how she smiled when she saw him. There was no light in the world like Cally’s smile. Something he wanted more than anything else in life was to see that smile on the face of a child. Their child.

Try as he might, all these thoughts were gossamer visions, background music for a still frame in the movie of his life. He tried to think of something else, anything else. But he was only going to have one thought for the rest of his life. One image in his mind. The gentle twist of smoke curling up from the barrel of his weapon. The identical curl of smoke rising from the hole in the chest of the man at his feet.


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21 thoughts on “Friday Flash – One Thought

  1. Thanks very much for all the positive comments everyone. I’m particularly pleased that it doesn’t seem to appear rushed. Not sure if I’ll develop it further as an idea but you never know.

    Thanks again, you guys rule.

  2. I was thinking all the way through…ALAN WROTE THIS? He has a soft mushy center???? Then the ending just about wrenched my heart out.
    What a way to show how war damages people.
    Great flash sir.
    Very powerful punch in a very short piece.
    [but you may have just ruined your rep…next week back to snot, spurting blood, beheadings, limb ripping, fangs…that sort of stuff ok? I feel slightly off balance ..]
    Karen :0)

  3. A pretty powerful piece, Alan. A lot of people go into the military hoping to get that college education and get a much more personal education. PTSD is all too real for so many men and women who serve. Keep ’em in your thoughts.

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