French translation reprint in Monstres! anthology

I’m still pretty tied up in the Kung Fu seminar, but it’s nearly at an end. My wife will be very glad when I get home and start pulling my weight again. In the meantime, I had to mention this bit of news. Some time ago I sold a reprint of my monster short story, Deep Sea Fishing, to the Monstres! anthology, coming soon from Celephais Press. The story was first published in Seizure, issue 4. It’s very exciting on many levels. Firstly, it’s my first foreign langauge translation – in this case into French. The anthology title should have been a clue – that wasn’t a typo. Not to mention the title of this post.

My story has been translated by Vincent Corlaix. I’m intrigued to think about what he may have done. I wonder how much of my voice and style survives a translation. I guess that’s the sign of a good translator – one who will keep those things intact. I’m sure Corlaix has done an excellent job. In translation, my story is called Pêche en haute mer. Which is kinda cool. It’s a Lovecraft-inspired yarn and fits the monsters theme well.

The other good thing is that Celephais have released the cover art, and it’s bloody brilliant. See for yourself – click it for a bigger image:

You’ll notice the list of contributors on the back cover and I’m very proud to share a Table Of Contents with a couple of very good friends – Kaaron Warren and Bill Congreve. It’s also nice to see my name right next to Lavie Tidhar. It’s actually the second time I’ve shared a ToC with Mr Tidhar – last time in Murky Depths, #16. Lavie, we must stop meeting like this. People will talk.

This antho will be available in early January and I’ll drop another mention then for those French-reading friends and readers. Or perhaps you could buy a copy for the French friends in your life. You’ve got a French friend or two, right?

Here’s the full ToC:

Blue (Blue), de Pablo Dobrinin, traduction Jacques Fuentealba
Dieu est argent (Working for the God of the Love of Money), de Kaaron Warren, traduction Benoît Giuseppin
Les reines de l’évasion, de Célia Deiana
L’heure des suicidés, Marc R. Soto, trad. Jacques Fuentealba
Fantômes (Fantasmas), de Carlos Gardini, trad. Jacques Fuentealba
Blood Faerie, une symphonie nocturne, de Yohan Vasse
Tania (Tania), de Fermín Moreno, trad. Jacques Fuentealba
Les meilleurs partent toujours en premier, Nelly Chadour
À l’aube de la nuit (Until Sunrise), Bill Congreve, trad. Luc Kenoufi
Mater Insania, de Marija Nielsen
Altera in alteram, de Léonor Lara
Ma femme est un shoggoth (I married a Shoggoth), de Jeffrey Thomas, trad. de Maxime Le Dain
Lien de sang (Blood Relations), de Lewis Shiner, trad. Élodie Meste
En préparant le pot-au-feu, de Timothée Rey
Grand-père Loup (Grand-Father Wolf), de Steve Rasnic Tem trad. Mathieu Rivero
L’Évolution des espèces (La evolución de las especies), de Nuria C. Botey, trad. Marie-Anne Cleden
Pêche en haute mer (Deep Sea Fishing), de Alan Baxter, trad. Vincent Corlaix
Le vieil homme et la mer. Et l’étranger. Et le Kraken. (El viejo y el mar. Y el extraño. Y el Kraken.), de Pedro Escudero, trad. Jacques Fuentealba
Zombi Revenge psyché, de Marc-Olivier Aiken
Lanjnoir (Blakenjel), de Lavie Tidhar, trad. Thomas Bauduret
Je ne suis pas un monstre, de David Pierru

I’ll get back to regular blogging when my mind and body recover from this seminar, hopefully towards the end of the week.


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One thought on “French translation reprint in Monstres! anthology

  1. Congrats on having your story translated.
    And you’re right, the cover is pretty fabulous!
    I have a writer in Hanoi translating a couple of chapters from my book right now, so I am soon to experience thr thrill.

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