Facebook at last

I’ve been on Facebook for a long while, but I’ve always tried to keep it on a semi-personal level. Basically, I only accept friend requests on Facebook from people I actually know. I may not have ever met them, but in this internet age there are some people that I know really well even though we’ve never met “IRL”.

With that in mind my Facebook friends are people that I know personally or have had some interaction with on some level, be it physically or virtually. Given that my books are due out from Gryphonwood Press any time now (and based on several friend requests that I’ve ignored because I don’t know who the people involved are) I though it might be prudent to have a more public Facebook presence. With that in mind I’ve taken the rather narcissistic and embarrassing step of setting up a fan page for myself.

Anyone can become a fan and I’ll cross post any writing related stuff to the fan page and keep my own Facebook profile in a slightly more private domain. After all, my handful of readers don’t need to see photos of me drunkenly singing karaoke. They may want to see those pictures, but they don’t need to.

So, if you want to keep up to date with stuff via Facebook and give me a little ego boost into the bargain, go here and click the Become A Fan button. There’s also a Facebook button in the Stalk Me section of the lefthand sidebar now too. I promise you won’t actually become a fan – it’s all just virtual nonsense.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook at last

  1. Yeah, I’m interested to see how it goes too.

    And you can see those drunken pictures anyway, given that you and I actually know each other. You can look at my Facebook photo albums. 🙂

  2. Good for you; with a book coming out, this is a smart move.

    I’m fairly new to Facebook, and am finding it a different sort of place. I’m one of the writers in an upcoming anthology; I joined Facebook at the request of the editors. Actually, in organizing the books, there was just an unspoken assumption that all of us were *already* on Facebook.

    When I set up my personal page, I also set up a fan page. At this stage of my writing career, that felt (and still feels) like a deeply narcissistic thing to do. I did it in partly as practice for the future, and partly because someone suggested I do so.

  3. Fair enough too. It is a currently accepted and fairly enduring social network, so it pays to have a presence there.

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