Facebook competition winner and other suggestions

You may remember that there’s been a Facebook competition going on for a signed copy of RealmShift, run through the Facebook group, Book Lover’s Club. It started with this great review of RealmShift, then the Club asked people to suggest topics for me to blog about. The topic that I liked best would win a signed copy of the book.

There were some great suggestions and it was really hard to pick one. In the end I went with this suggestion from Alex Stoiche:

Id love to see his thoughts on writing for art or self satisfaction versus writing for a market. Obviously its a fine line and its crucial to please the audience to some extent, but Id like to hear an opinion on where it may go too far or about writers that have such conviction they won’t compromise.

I picked this one mainly because it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and was considering blogging about anyway. Given that Alex’s thinking mirrored mine I decided to call that suggestion the winner. Given the number of other suggestions, I’m going to be using some of those for future posts as well, because lots of people came up with good ideas. Keep an eye on the blog here and your suggestion may crop up at some future date – I’ll be sure to credit the person whose idea it was as and when I get around to it. Don’t hold your breath, though. It’s a busy month for me and these things tend to get drawn out.

Thanks to everyone that got involved and big thanks to Book Lover’s Club for being such sterling supporters of books and authors.


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