Emerging Writers’ Festival 2011 TwitterFEST

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is an independent arts organisation based in Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas, that exists in order to promote the interests of emerging writers – to improve their opportunities for professional development as well as their engagement with the broader public. Each year the Emerging Writers’ Festival brings writers, editors, publishers and literary performers together with the reading public for a festival that is fast becoming an essential part of Australia’s literary calendar.

This year it’s held from May 26th (that’s tomorrow!) until June 5th, and there’s loads going on. You can learn all about it and find out what’s happening at the website: http://www.emergingwritersfestival.org.au/

But you don’t have to be in Melbourne to get involved. There’s an online component and I’ll be part of that. The EWF this year includes TwitterFEST. From the site:

TwitterFEST is a series of festival discussions featuring… you! It’s social media mixed with literary debate, so get those #ewf11 hashtags happening and get ready to bounce ideas off some of Australia’s best writers and thinkers.

Follow @emergingwriters on Twitter, watch the #ewf11 hashtag and show up at 2pm each day to join in. I’m hosting the TwitterFEST on Wednesday, June 1st. Here are the TwitterFESTs in order:

Mon 30 May, 2pm – 3pm
Do you play? with Paul Callaghan (@paul_callaghan)
How important is experimentation and play to the creative process?

Tues 31 May, 2pm – 3pm
Writing vs Sport with Soph Langley (@sophlangley)
Can physical fitness play a role in our writing lives?

Wed 1 June, 2pm – 3pm
Can Genre Fiction Be Literary? with Alan Baxter (@alanbaxter)
Why is genre fiction so often spoken about separately from literary fiction?

Thursday 2 June, 2pm – 3pm
Writing about Place with PM Newton (@pmnewton)
How do you create a strong sense of place in your work – and do you need to visit somewhere to be
able to write about it?

Friday 3 June, 2pm – 3pm
Are we living in a post-publisher world? with If:Book Australia (@ifbookaus)
How is the role of publisher evolving since the digital revolution, and what does it mean for writers?

So get involved. Tell your friends, spread the word and let’s get some lively debate happening. See you there!


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