Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs 2009

Bizarrely, this very site is one of them.

I must say, it’s been a good couple of weeks. I was very pleased a little over a week ago when I discovered that I’d been nominated for the 25 Best Writing Blogs at the Editor Unleashed website. I’m a big fan of that site and usually float around their discussion forums from time to time.

A couple of days later I got confirmation that The Word was being archived by the National Library of Australia due to its “national significance”. I’m still having a bit of trouble getting my head around that one.

Now I find out that my nomination for the 25 Best Writing Blogs has resulted in me winning a place among said 25. You can find the announcement here.

I must be doing something right, or at least something vaguely interesting. The good thing is that this list was put together by popular nominations and decided by popular vote. It’s certainly nice to receive some recognition from my peers. I must try not to get too big headed now. It’s like lottery winners always say, “It’s not going to change me!” Of course, if you’ve been scraping by all your life and suddenly several million dollars land in your lap, then bullshit it’s not going to change you. But in this case, I intend to continue bringing you the same mix of dark fantasy, horror, writing, publishing, language and utter drivel that you’ve become used to. At least I’ll try.

Thanks to everyone that voted – I can feel the love. Check out the announcement and have a look at the other blogs in the top 25. There’s some seriously good bloggage happening over there, all well worth a look. They’re all in my Google Reader now.


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2 thoughts on “Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs 2009

  1. Congratulations, and last time I saw the poll I seem to remember you being one of the top sites in the 25 as well!

  2. Thanks James – I ended up coming 3rd out of the 10 Fiction nominations overall. I was leading it for most of the voting, but a couple of others shot through in the end!

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