Ditmar Award nominations open, and I could use your vote

The Ditmar Award (formally the Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Award; formerly the “Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award”) has been awarded annually since 1969 at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention (the “Natcon”) to recognise achievement in Australian science fiction (including fantasy and horror) and science fiction fandom. The award is similar to the Hugo Award but on a national rather than international scale.

The awards are open for nominations now, so if you have favourite stories, novels and so on from the last year, and if you’re a member of NatCon or active in fandom, get your votes in now for the people you’d like to see nominated.

There’s a list here of eligible works, though the list is incomplete and you’re encouraged to add to it.

The rules of the Awards can be found here.

So get involved and have your say in who wins awards this year.

Of course, this post is slightly self-serving, which I tried to make clear from the title onwards. I have two stories published in 2010 that are eligible for Ditmars this year. They are Trial Not Required, published in M-Brane SF Issue #13, February 2010, and The King’s Accord, published in Flesh & Bone: Rise of The Necromancers, an anthology from Pill Hill Press, August 2010. Trial Not Required is a science fiction story and The King’s Accord is a dark fantasy yarn. If you read those stories and liked them, and are eligible to vote, I’d love your nomination vote.

If you’re eligible to vote, but haven’t read those stories (as they’re both US publications it’s possible that a lot of eligible voters haven’t seen them) then I’m more than happy to send you a copy to read. If you did take the time to read them and consider them, I’d be very grateful. I don’t really like asking for things like this, but the truth is that people can’t be expected to read every publication every year and often you’ll only get a story noticed if you point it out to people.

So if you’d like a see the stories and consider them for voting, leave me a comment or send me an email (email address in bold under the typewriter on the right hand sidebar) and I’ll get copies off to you right away.

Regardless, I’ll keep you all up to date on Ditmar news as it happens.


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2 thoughts on “Ditmar Award nominations open, and I could use your vote

  1. Don’t worry, you have my vote for the “King’s Accord”. Aside from the fact that out of the ones on the list that I have actually read it is the most deserving of my vote, if it wins I will be able to say that I have a story in the same anthology as a Ditmar winning story! haha

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