The days are getting shorter

My wife and I popped into a cafe yesterday to grab a sandwich while doing things around town. I was rather disturbed by the menu. Given that I’m writing up this post at 2.10 pm perhaps I should actually be in bed already.

all day

Now call me pedantic, but that’s false advertising right there.


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13 thoughts on “The days are getting shorter

  1. And is it just pancakes or does IHOP include traditional breakfast stuff too? Because if there’s such a thing as a 24/7 International House of BACON, I may have to seriously consider moving there…

  2. Incidentally, classic American branding there:

    International House of Pancakes – “As of December 31, 2008, the chain had 1396 restaurants in 49 states, Canada and Mexico.”

    Canada and Mexico really doesn’t count as International.

    Just like the “World Series” that only America plays!


  3. Reminds me of the hotel my wife and I visited. The sign on the ice machine read, “Ice not available when temperature is below 32 degrees.”

  4. It’s because it’s a place up in the mountains, and the ice machine is in an outside breezeway. If the temperature gets below freezing, I assume the water line that feeds the ice maker freezes up. (Of course, it’s funnier without the explanation.)

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