The dangers of online translators

Danger or poetry? This is absolute gold. Cat Sparks emailed me this from the LikeItHateIt website. It’s a Portuguese menu with English “translation” that has ended up being a work of art. Some of the translations are just awesome. Among my favourites are:

Clams in the manner of the ever-fighting duck

Grilled codfish with punch violent

Bastard’s lamprey rice done in the manner of between rivers

Jumping clitoris

My grandmother is delightful as a cake

And the final recommendation:

“With the meal, we reccomnend you try our green wine to the pressure or our pleasant and ever refreshing bleeding.”

It’s been a while since I had an ever refreshing bleeding.

Click for a bigger image:


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11 thoughts on “The dangers of online translators

  1. Just reading ‘Scenes from the Second Story’ at the moment, with each story inspired by a song. I wonder if they’d do a sequal with each story based on a menu item?

  2. Just got this from a Portuguese friend of mine:

    “I would say, word by word the translations are correct 95%.

    Ementa (And Mint) is classic. Ementa just means menu… but if you separate e menta, then Voila (And Mint)

    Presunto Pata Negra. That would be black prosciutto but word for word translation it REALLY is black paw prosciutto.

    Percebes are

    And the word percebes in Portuguese is REALLY do you understand.

    Imperador no Sal is just emperor fish on salt. But they call it Salty emperor.”

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