Cthulhu – The Movie

I’ve always been a big fan of H P Lovecraft. A true horrorist and dark fantasist, Lovecraft created some of the most impressive and timeless stories ever written. Not to mention that he also created the Necronomicon. What a legend.

Well, I’ve just discovered via S F Signal that there’s a movie out in limited release in the US called Cthulhu – The Movie. You can see the trailer here. It looks like a bit of a mishmash of a number of Cthulhu stories but it looks interesting enough to tempt me to see it. The synopsis on the site I linked above sounds awful, so it’s just as well the trailer looks better. Although it is a bit of a shame that Tori Spelling is in it.

This is Cthulhu. Let’s hope he eats Tori Spelling in the movie.

The only other movies of Lovecraft stories that I’m aware of are Re-Animator (a classic movie, though somewhat removed from Lovecraft’s story) and a straight to video release called Dagon. Dagon was actually a fairly good film. I’m sure there are many others, but I can’t bring them to mind just now. (Interestingly a quick search for ‘Cthulhu’ at imdb.com revealed a movie of that name made here in Australia in 2000. There’s hardly any information there about it, however, so it doesn’t seem to have come to much. There’s a big list of stuff under ‘Lovecraft’.)

Hopefully this new American film will make it to our shores, even if it is on a direct to DVD trajectory. Worth a look, but don’t expect anything too spectacular. If you see it, let me know what you thought.


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24 thoughts on “Cthulhu – The Movie

  1. Regarding the release a few years ago… I saw a DVD of Lovecraftian stories in one of the local movie stores (Video Ezy I think it was) a few years ago. On the back jacket it implied that the film was a compilation of various works by H.P. I never did get to see it due to the copy disappearing from the shelves.

  2. There are actually several movies out there. you can find most of these on Netflix but not all of them. Besides, Reanimator and Dunwich Horror There is:

    1)H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 1:Cool Air

    2)H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 2:Dreams of Cthulhu: The Rough Magik Initiative

    3)H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 3:Out of Mind

    4)H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 4:Pickman’s Model

    5)H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 5:The Thing on the Doorstep

    6)Cthulhu (2007)by Director Dan Gildark

    7)Beyond the Wall of Sleep (2004) by Directors Thom Maurer and Barrett J. Leigh

    8)Dagon (2001)by Director Stuart Gordon

    9)Dark Heritage (1989)by Director David McCormick

    10)From Beyond (1986)by Director Stuart Gordon

    11)Unknown Beyond (2001)by Director Ivan Zuccon

    12)The Unnamable (1986)by Director Jean-Paul Ouellette

  3. There is also the horrid “Necronomicon” (1994). An all american cast being directed by a non-english speaking director – great stuff. Some interesting ideas but the vision far outstretched the budget.

    Here’s hoping Guillermo del Toro’s proposed “At the Mountains of Madness” is as good as his previous films and far better than the current crop of Lovecraft films.

  4. There is also The Resurrected, The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward[Dan O’Bannon 1992] plus also the latest remake of Dunwich Horror (2009)

  5. And of course a quite fun documentary about H.P.
    “The Eldritch Influence The Life, Vision, and Phenomenon of H.P Lovecraft”

  6. On the lighter side (if cthulhu has a lighter side) check out “Cast A Deadly Spell”, a 1994 HBO picture produced by Gale Anne Hurd (of terminator legacy) and starring Fred Ward as Private Eye Phil Lovecraft, in a 1947 Los Angeles where Magic works… GREAT film… a lackluster sequel was made with Dennis Hopper(?!) as the lead, but is really hard to find, and not that great. But check out Deadly Spell…Fred is awesome, as is David Warner and a tasty Julianne Moore. Not to mention Clancy Brown.

  7. I forgot all about “Cast a Deadly Spell.” That movie was awesome. Weird, but very very cool I have seen it since emulated but never replicated. There was another movie in the late nineties that used magic in a everyday setting, but I can’t remember what the title of it was. I keep think it was somebody like Ethan Hawke, but I checked and it wasn’t him. If anyone know let me know. Thanks

  8. Ooh Yes, Cast A Deadly Spell is pretty good. Kind of a set of three short stories. But what is the sequel starring Dennis Hopper? I’ll watch anything Lovecraft no matter how ATROCIOUS. With Lovecraft adaptations you just have to go there.

  9. I’ve seen The Call of Cthulhu (2005). It was made in the style of a 1920’s movie. Very good indeed.

    Looking at the IMDb page for that, I noticed the film has been spoofed in LovecraCked! The Movie (2006)

  10. Also check out THE COLOUR OF THE DARK, made in Italy with Irish, English, Italian and American actors. The quality varies, but the effects are great and it’s very faithful to it’s source material (THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE).

  11. Although only inspired by Lovecraft’s stories, John Carpenter’s “In the Mouth of Madness” (1995) was pretty cool.

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