Conflux report # 6 – now with added pics

I guess this will be my last Conflux 6 related post. It has a rhyming title, it’s the 6th post for Conflux 6, everyone is bored shitless of me going on about Conflux already, and so on. However, people wanted pictures – let it not be said that I never give the people what they want. So here’s a quick pictorial rundown of the con.

This is the tremendous Karen Herkes – she organises cons like Batman beats up thugs:

karen herkes

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

This next pic is one of my favourites from the whole weekend, mainly because I’m sitting at a table with such incredible writing talent. This was the panel called “Setting The Seen” where we were talking about writing visual descriptions. Other reasons that this photo stands out as a fave are that people like Jack Dann agreed with things that I said (giving me hope that I can make a go of this writing thing after all) and some members of the panel sparred quite feistily, which was most entertaining.

setting the seen panel

from left to right: Sean McMullen, Richard Harlan, Jack Dann, Cat Sparks and me

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

At one point during the con there was a mass signing event where all the authors present sat around the edges of one of the rooms, books and pens at the ready, and anyone wanting to get something signed could find us all very easily. Here’s myself and horror master Rob Hood ready to sign anything:

alan baxter rob hood 2

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

More creepily, here’s Rob Hood apparently attached to my shoulder:

alan baxter rob hood

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

If you remember from the other update posts there was a massive banquet on the Saturday night. Here’s a pic of my plate before I tucked in. I was determined to try everything, yet even this plate is missing a couple of items. Then there were desserts. Following that much beer was consumed. I was feeling fairly seedy the following day (which means I was hungover at my book launch, but I don’t think anyone noticed.)

banquet plate

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

Speaking of my book launch, here’s a few shots of that. I couldn’t be happier with how that went and it was certainly a high point of the con for me. Here’s the incredible Gillian Polack telling everyone how good MageSign is and why they should read it (Bill Congreve in the background):

magesign launch 1

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

Here’s me trying to prove Gillian right by reading a couple of passages from MageSign. I really hate reading my own stuff but I’m told I did an okay job this time around:

magesign launch 2

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

And we were obviously convincing as several people bought copies and had me sign them. Here’s me being all like a real author and signing copies of RealmShift and MageSign:

magesign launch 3

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

Gillian Polack also had a book launch this con, with the release of her new novel Life Through Cellophane. Here’s a shot of her signing at her launch:

gillian polack launch

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

And following the theme of launches, here’s a shot of Paul Haines reading at the launch of his collection, Slice Of Life:

paul haines launch

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

I’ll finish up with a couple of random shots that capture a bit of the con vibe. This is the anthology panel from Monday, which I really enjoyed. I learned a lot in this hour:

anthology panel

Left to right: Bill Congreve, Cat Sparks, Alisa Krasnostein, Donna Hanson

(Pic: Felicity Dowker)

Here are those crazy kids from Sunday night, Ninjaz With Attitude:

ninjaz with attitude

(Pic: Cat Sparks)

And here’s a pic I like to call “Jim Minz Wants Your Brains”. That’s the living legend Jack Dann on the left and Senior Editor at Baen Books, Jim Minz, trying to pluck thoughts directly from his mind:

jack dann jim minz

(Pic: Cat Sparks)


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14 thoughts on “Conflux report # 6 – now with added pics

  1. I don’t see any collared shirts. The one with buttons is a long sleeved t-shirt kinda thing. The jacket is from a surf shop, so I’m still cool, right?

  2. Great visuals of the con. Nice to put a face on the authors.
    Why do you prefer not to read your own work? It is, after all, your very favorite kind of writing.

  3. ok, I have to admit that the photo of you signing and smiling so serenly into the camera made my heart pitter patter a little….

    and I totally downloaded it….

    ps: if I tell you about it does that still make me a stalker?

    or only if I make it into a tee shirt or a pillowcase or something?

  4. Karen – Yes, you’re still a stalker. I’m thinking the dividing line is t-shirt = fan, pillowcase = weirdo. 🙂

  5. I hate to tell you, but there’s a small, furry mammal crawling up your chin. A shrew, or a very small chipmunk, perhaps? Might want to do something about that. At any rate, congrats on the launch!

  6. Ellie – my apologies, your comment got eaten by the spam monster. But I waded in, enjoined the fetid creature in battle and saved your comment. I’m a hero, I know.

    In answer to your question, I think it’s the usual brittle self-confidence of the writer. I have enormous faith in my writing, I get a lot of very positive feedback and so on, but standing in front of a room full of people and reading it out to them makes my nerves all a-jangle. I guess I’ll get used to it the more I do it. If you ever get the chance to watch Richard Harland read his work you’ll see just how confident an author can get!

  7. Hi Jack

    Great to meet you too. It was a brilliant con and I’m already looking forward to the next thing on the calendar. And you found time to write? Impressive. I managed to blog a bit each day but that was all.

    Glad you like the site – thanks for dropping by.


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