Conflux 6 report #1 – Arrival

So, I’ve made the short (by Australian standards) drive to Canberra for Conflux 6. I’ve mentioned previously all the bits and pieces that I’ll be doing here. Here’s the run-down again if you’re interested.

I’m staying at the Marque Hotel, which is where the Con is being held. Look, here’s my room:


Not too shabby really. I was pleased to see it had a balcony. Until I saw the balcony.


That’s a view left and right from the room. Isn’t Canberra beautiful? I think my view is the roof of a carpark, but I’ve yet to investigate that.

One thing I noticed on the way in was that there’s a sort of scribbled sign on the door. It’s supposed to indicate that beds, drinks and food are available here:


To me it just says monsters, drinks and food are available here. Maybe it’s because I’m at a spec fic convention, but can you see that too? How about now:


It’s even drooling nasty slime.

Anyway, I’ve paid for the hideously expensive wireless access here, so expect as many Conflux 6 updates as I can muster the energy for. It could be many, it could be very, very few. I’ll try to tweet about it regularly too, so follow me on @AlanBaxter.


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11 thoughts on “Conflux 6 report #1 – Arrival

  1. Welcome to Canberra! I think you should definitely get some white-out and draw in those eyes and nostrils 🙂

    Since you’ve got wheels, I recommend you head to Manuka/Kingston for food.

    Let me know if you need any other local intel. Enjoy conflux!

    Cheers, Lily

  2. How come you’re so early? I’m coming free by train with my pensioner ticket tomorrow. I’ve got my own 3 wireless so am not subject to nasty expensive hotspots.
    Last year there was NO FOOD for ages at the Marque, they didn’t realise that scifi addicts like to eat. Maybe they thought we would just bite each other’s necks?
    Also, the Marque wasn’t really near any food, everything nearby seemed to shut for the weekend. Still, as you’ve driven in you’ll be able to go and forage. Must pack! see you around.

  3. Crisetta – I’m running a workshop from 10am tomorrow. I didn’t want to get up at 5 or 6am tomorrow to get here in time and prep, so thought I’d splash out and come in a day early. It’s all tax deductible, after all.

  4. BAHAHA So that’s what I have to look forward to after my early morning drive down tomorrow. Nice of you to post pics of the room (the hotel doesn’t bother on its website).

    Now all I can see is the hippo monster…

    See you at Conflux!

    -Vertigo (a.k.a Bothersome Words)

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