Conflux 6 only 3 weeks away

The convention year keeps ticking along. Continuum was a lot of fun last month and now we’re only three weeks out from Conflux 6. There’s a draft program for the con here, but that’s actually a little bit out of date now. I think a new program will be updated there any time now, so keep an eye on that page.

I’m having a busy old time at this convention and I’ve had a final confirmation of my activities. Of course, as with any con, this final confirmation is subject to change in case of any last minute hiccoughs, but it’s about as set as it can get. So for those interested, here’s what I’ll be doing at Conflux 6 (including the blurb from the official program):

Thursday 1st October – Driving from my house to Canberra to be there a day early. Much easier to be up and ready start the next day. It’s a three hour drive for me, so I’d rather not get up at 5 or 6am to get there in time on Friday morning.

Friday 2nd October


The secrets of writing realistic fight scenes. A workshop on writing convincing and realisitic fight scenes in your fiction. What really happens in a fight, how does it actually feel and what is just Hollywood theatrics? Look at some principles of writing realistic fight scenes, along with some hands on self-defence and fighting techniques in this dynamic two hour workshop with Alan Baxter.

Alan is a speculative fiction writer and martial arts teacher, head instructor of the Illawarra Kung Fu Academy. His novels RealmShift and MageSign are available now through Blade Red Press. Learn all about Alan and his writing and martial arts experience at and Come in comfortable clothes for Kung Fu training and demonstrations.

This is a highlight for me, even though it’s my first committment. Two of the things that I love most in life are writing and Kung Fu. When I get to present a workshop that combines them both, all kinds of angels suddenly sprout wings. (I should also point out that I also love my wife, my motorcycle and my dog. I love all these things equally and unconditionally, with no favourites among them. Except my wife.)

Saturday 3rd October

9am – Kaffeeklatch

This is where 10-15 people book in to have special time with the author. We’ve suggested breakfast time because it’s always a hassle fitting it into the program proper (people complain about clashes, etc.) and we figured, hey they’ve got to have breakfast! So the restaurant will offer al la carte breakfast or people can BYO and we’ll supply the tea or coffee.

So come and hang out with me for Saturday morning breakfast. But I should warn you, I get feral when there’s bacon.

12.30pm – “Setting the seen” Panel

This is a panel discussion about writing good visual descriptions.

We authors will sit at the desk, throw our thoughts out there and encourage people present to ask questions and share their thoughts on the subject. I love panels like this. It’s always an honour to share a table with other authors and I always learn a lot from authors and audience alike. A good panel is more like a mass discussion than anything else.

Sunday 4th October

10am – Publishing Options Panel

There is a variety of publishing options today. Come and hear about traditional publishing, POD, e-books, and self-publishing.

There are a vaiety of publishing options today? Anyway… This is a good panel for me to be on, for obvious reasons. Hopefully, as with other panels, I can learn some stuff as well as share what I’ve learned over the years.

12.00 Noon – Launch of MageSign

My second novel, MageSign, has yet to have an official launch, so it’s happening at Conflux 6. I’m a bit nervous and excited about this one. I’m also very honoured to have the support of Gillian Polack, who will be officiating at the launch for me. Gillian is a great lady, medieval history academic and author of loads of interesting stuff. Check out Gillian’s web page here.

5.30pm – Author in residence

This is like the Kaffeeklatch, but without the breakfast. It’s a chance to come and visit, ask me questions, get books signed, abuse me and ask what kind of hack I think I am and stuff like that.

Monday 5th October

12.30pm – Twitterati Panel

Blogs, live journals, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter! What’s happening and what’s the next big thing?

You lot don’t need me to tell you what an internet whore I am. This panel is all about what works in social media, how to make it work for you, what’s next and so on.

And that’s the end of my committments for Conflux 6. It’s going to be a busy weekend for me, especially Sunday, but I’m really looking forward to it. I love hanging out at these things, meeting the readers, meeting other writers, just generally soaking up the vibe of a place full of people that like the kind of stuff that I like.

It’s only three weeks away, so get onto the site, learn more about it and I’ll hopefully see a bunch of you in Canberra.


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