A bit of geeky fun for the Battlestar Galactica fans

I was reading the paper over the weekend and this story caught my eye. The story is basically about a plan to start coal seam gas drilling and there’s controversy because it’s going to be near the Warragamba dam, which holds a lot of Sydney’s drinking water. The controversy comes from the fact that the company plans to use “the fracking technique.”

Fracking, apparently, is hydraulic fracturing, which involves pumping a mixture of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to shatter rock strata and force coal seam gas to the surface. That gas is then refined into natural gas to be used as fuel.

Well, frak me.


The dangers of online translators

Danger or poetry? This is absolute gold. Cat Sparks emailed me this from the LikeItHateIt website. It’s a Portuguese menu with English “translation” that has ended up being a work of art. Some of the translations are just awesome. Among my favourites are:

Clams in the manner of the ever-fighting duck

Grilled codfish with punch violent

Bastard’s lamprey rice done in the manner of between rivers

Jumping clitoris

My grandmother is delightful as a cake

And the final recommendation:

“With the meal, we reccomnend you try our green wine to the pressure or our pleasant and ever refreshing bleeding.”

It’s been a while since I had an ever refreshing bleeding.

Click for a bigger image:


Headline of the week

On the day after Australia voted with a resounding “meh”, I opened the weekend papers quite sick of the election. It’ll be days or weeks before our hung parliament is sorted out and I didn’t really want to read any more about it for the time being. Give me something else, I thought, something worldly, outside Australia and interesting. I got it.

It’s actually a story about the British government changing their minds about a big funding spend to upgrade the tourist facilities at Stonehenge. There’s a lot of people upset about it, not just druids. In all honesty, I imagine the druids would like all the tourist trappings taken away and the site left the hell alone. But still, that headline did put a smile on my dial this morning.