The Balance Omnibus Edition is out now

Balance Omnibus Front FinalSo those fine folk at Gryphonwood Press have put together a pretty sweet deal here. They’ve made an Omnibus Edition of my Balance Duology and thrown in a couple of extra short stories too. So this is a single volume (in ebook and paperback) that contains both novels, RealmShift and MageSign, plus two short stories, “Running Wild With The Hunt” and “Stand-Off”, which both feature Isiah, the protagonist from the novels.

The first of those short stories was originally published in the Seven Realms anthology, The Game, with yarns riffing on that famous short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”. The other short included in the Omnibus was originally published by Wily Writers. Neither of those yarns have been much in circulation for a quite a few years now, so it’s nice to have all the Isiah stuff in one place at last. Especially with such a damned cool cover on it!

And before the message start, I’ve been asked a lot whether there will be a third Isiah novel. Will The Balance duology become a trilogy, or even a longer series? I know there’s a fair few Isiah fans out there and that makes me happier than you could ever imagine. But the answer is a bit vague: Never say never. I don’t currently have plans for a third Balance book, but it is possible. I have a thing on my wall in the BaxCave with a list of projects on it – all kinds of books that I plan to write. On that list is “Balance 3?”

I’d need really good ideas and a strong plot to go ahead with it. I do have some inklings, but I plan to let them percolate for the foreseeable future and we’ll see what happens. So it’s possible, but in the meantime, The Balance Omnibus has all the Isiah goodness in existence right now. The ebook is pretty much everywhere already and the paperback edition will be out any day now. Get it wherever you usually get books – any problems, give me a shout. Meanwhile, here are the links for the major ebook stores:



iBooks US | iBooks UK | iBooks Aus


International Cover Reveal for BOUND!

So for people who have been paying attention, the Alex Caine train is still rolling strong. All three books in the trilogy (Bound, Obsidian and Abduction) are being re-released in print by HarperVoyager in Australia and New Zealand, with new covers, in July this year. That means people in the ANZ region will finally be able to have all three books in paperback on their shelves. I can’t wait to show you those covers, hopefully sometime very soon (they’re fantastic!).

Meanwhile, the series is being published around the rest of the world by the brilliant folk at Ragnarok Publications. Things are running a bit later there, but Bound will be released in the US and everywhere else in the world other than Australia and NZ during the northern Fall this year, with Obsidian and Abduction hopefully not too far behind. Ragnarok have a whole new swanky website here: that’s well worth a look.

In the meantime, they’ve revealed to authors the covers for all their Fall new releases. That means we have an international cover for Bound, by the fantastic Shawn King. And I get to reveal it here today. So here it is, in all its muscly, magical glory! (And I do dig that review quote in the top right.)


So what do you think? I hope you like it – I certainly do. It captures the gritty, urban, magical, violent nature of the series beautifully. I’ll hopefully be able to give you guys an actual release date very soon. And watch this space for the new ANZ covers any time now.


Conflux 12 Guest of Honour!

Now this is a big one! Certainly a career milestone for me, and I’m chuffed to be able to talk about it now: I’m going to be the Special Guest at Conflux 12 in Canberra next year, across the long weekend September 30th to October 3rd, 2016. The official site is here:

I’m stunned that I’ve been invited to be a Guest of Honour at a con. I’ve always seen it as something famous people do! Conflux was the first convention I ever attended and it’s always had a special place in my heart. To go again in 2016 as the Guest is just mind-blowing. So I hope that any of you who can get to Canberra next year will come along!

The Red Fire Monkey theme should be pretty cool – I’m still not entirely sure what that entails, but I know that among many other things, I’ll be running my Write The Fight Right workshop there. The first place I ran that workshop was Conflux many years ago, so there’s a nice synchronicity there. I need to get myself a Monkey Magic costume organised for the ball.

I’m still pinching myself. More news on all that as it gets more organised over coming months. But put the dates in your diary!



New story in Review of Australian Fiction

IMG_7187The Review of Australian Fiction is a prestigious bi-monthly electronic publication showcasing the broad plethora of Australian writing talent. It has two stories every two weeks across all genres and styles. It’s really quite a wonderful thing. Now into its 16th volume (with 6 issues per volume) it’s doing very well for itself.

I’m very proud to say that the latest issue, volume 16, issue 3, has a story from me in it. My contemporary Australian horror story, “Reaching For Ruins”, shares the issue with “Only the Moon Rages” by Jarrod Boyle.

My story is based on a couple of real events that I’ve extrapolated into something well beyond real. Or is it..? You can find the issue here for only $2.99:

Or subscribe to RAF for only $12.99 per volume (six issues). You can subscribe here:

I hope you enjoy the story!


And Then… Big book of awesome on its way

So this is quite exciting. I’ve been sitting on this one for ages and it’s finally being officially announced.

Clan Destine Press are crowd funding a giant anthology of cross-genre buddy-adventure sff stories by the likes of Jack Dann, Narrelle Harris, Jason Nahrung, Dan Rabarts, Tor Roxburgh, Amanda Pillar, Mary Borsellino, Jason Franks… and many more excellent writers of genre fiction. And me. I have a historical fantasy story in there that includes kung fu, Chinese spirit magic, the Australian gold rush and all kinds of heroic fun. Sounds great, right?

It’s going to be huge. Check it out here:

There’s an indiegogo campaign to get involved too, from as simple as a couple of bucks in support, to paying now to pre-order the book, right up to some very sweet rewards, including critiques of your fight scenes by me and loads of other stuff. Check out all that goodness here:–2#/

The fact that this commissioned anthology grew from one into two books, just because all the contributors turned in such great, and long, stories, is pretty exciting. My own yarn ran right up to the word limit and even tumbled over just a fraction. It’s a different story to anything I’ve written before and I’m really pleased with it. I can’t wait for it to get out there into the world.

Watch this space for more details, or just go and sling a few bucks at the indiegogo campaign and you’ll get regular updates.