Brimstone Press releases Eye Of Fire ezine

As a member of the Australian Horror Writers’ Association, I got sent the first issue of Brimstone Press’s Eye Of Fire ezine automatically today. Brimstone Press is a great Aussie publisher that concentrates on the darker side of things, so they obviously get my vote. They started producing Black magazine, but distribution costs forced them to stop after just three print editions.

With Eye Of Fire they’ve announced that they would really like to revive Black in print, using direct dsitribution rather than newsagency distribution, if they get enough interest. That would be a very good thing. In the meantime, Black will be an online magazine. It’s currently in development. Eye Of Fire is coming out now with various bits of news along with feature articles, interviews and short fiction. You can subscribe directly to Eye Of Fire to stay informed on all this stuff. It’s worth a look. Download the first PDF of Eye Of Fire here – and you’ll find all the subscription information inside. (Right click and Save As to keep the PDF – it’s about 4MB).


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