Books in the post and publishers doing it right

I posted yesterday about royalty-only anthologies and the issues I have with them. Interestingly, today I checked my P O Box and had a parcel. Inside were two books.

These are copies of two of the books from emerging publishing powerhouse Jodi Cleghorn. One is the charity anthology Nothing But Flowers, which is a speculative fiction anthology raising funds for the Grantham Flood Support Fund. The other is the debut collection from new voice in dark fiction, Emma Newman, called From Dark Places. Jodi asked me to read and blurb this collection, which I was more than happy to do. Newman writes excellent short fiction and I’m pleased to have my endorsement on the back cover.

After my ranting yesterday about publishers doing it wrong, Jodi is an example of someone doing it right. She asked me to help with the book, I was happy to do so and she sent me a copy for my trouble. That’s looking after people and creating an environment where creatives will be quite prepared to help out again and promote the good stuff. Which is exactly what I’m doing here. Jodi’s also a writer, so she gets it. The work she publishes is well worth your time and money.

You can get your own ebook or print copy of Nothing But Flowers here.

Get your ebook or print copy of From Dark Places here. This really is a quality collection of dark short stories. I reviewed it here on its initial release, if you’re interested to learn more.

Way to go, Jodi. Keep up the good work.


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2 thoughts on “Books in the post and publishers doing it right

  1. Thanks for this Alan. Honestly, a blog post was the very last thing I expected to see.

    My Dad taught me one very important rule about business, and how to treat the people you work with. It’s what I call “The Friday Carton of Beer rule” (even if it no longer relates to beer). My Dad’s philosophy was you always do small things, to let the people you work with know you appreciate the work they do for them. To this end he’s always ensured there is a carton or two of beer on a Friday afternoon for those who work for him. In the early days this $70 investment meant people would get up at 2am for an emergency call out without a grumble. (they were working on a massive project at the time in Melbourne to do with the collapse of the sewerage infrastructure)The went the extra distance because they knew they were not taken advantage of.

    So rather than thank me, you can thank my Dad, who taught me it is more often than not, the very little things in business which count.

    And thank you for being a champion of what I do… what we do. It means so much to me.

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