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Since the recent hack, I’m working on rebuilding my entire site, and moving hosts. So this current site will see no real updates over the next few weeks until the new site goes live. Watch my other social media for news and updates and I’ll hopefully have the shiny new website operational soon.

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Bound is international! And another Year’s Best.

It’s been a long time coming, but Bound: Alex Caine Book 1, is finally available EVERYWHERE! In paperback and ebook with that sweet cover by Shawn King, you can buy it wherever you usually shop. Your local bookstore may have it, but if not they can order it in for you. Same goes for your library. US and UK peeps especially, if you’re a library goer, please ask your local library to get it in. That’s a huge benefit to authors in terms of discoverability.

So tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, that one bloke with the weird dog across the road. Hell, even tell that guy who loiters in alleys and shouts at the bins. Tell everyone! And if you read it and enjoy it, I’d love it if you could leave a quick Amazon and/or Goodreads review. Those things really do help. If you get the paperback, post a pic on your social media with it, because I haven’t seen one yet.

And in some other awesome news, Ticonderoga have announced their latest volume of the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror, and it includes my cosmic weird pirate story, “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner”. Such an honour and the rest of the stories in it are amazing. You can pre-order that one here.

The stories are:

Joanne Anderton, “2B”
Alan Baxter, “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner”
Deborah Biancotti, “Look How Cold My Hands Are”
Stephen Dedman, “Oh, Have You Seen The Devil”
Erol Engin, “The Events at Callan Park”
Jason Fischer, “The Dog Pit”
Dirk Flinthart, “In the Blood”
Kimberley Gaal, “In Sheep’s Clothing”
Stephanie Gunn, “The Flowers That Bloom Where Blood Touches Earth”
Lisa Hannett, “Consorting With Filth”
Robert Hood, “Double Speak”
Kathleen Jennings, “A Hedge of Yellow Roses”
Maree Kimberley, “Ninehearts”
Jay Kristoff, “Sleepless”
Martin Livings, “El Caballo Muerte”
Danny Lovecraft, “Reminiscences of Herbert West”
Kirstyn McDermott, “Self, Contained”
Sally McLennan, “ Mr Schmidt’s Dead Pet Emporium”
DK Mok, “Almost Days”
Faith Mudge, “Blueblood”
Samantha Murray, “Half Past”
Jason Nahrung, “Night Blooming”
Garth Nix, “The Company of Women”
Anthony Panegyres, “Lady Killer”
Rivqa Rafael, “Beyond the Factory Wall”
Deborah Sheldon, “Perfect Little Stitches”
Angela Slatter, “Bluebeard’s Daughter”
Cat Sparks, “Dragon Girl”
Lucy Sussex, “Angelito”
Anna Tambour, “Tap”
Kaaron Warren, “Mine Intercom”


Awards eligibility post

I always appreciate it when people post around this time and remind me what work they’ve released the previous year that’s eligible for awards. It’s a good reminder so we know we haven’t missed anything when we’re making our Stoker Award, Hugo, Nebula, Ditmar, etc. recommendations or votes. So here’s my post with stuff released last year (2016) that’s eligible for those awards and others. If you’re a voting member or active in fandom and think any of this stuff is worthy, I thank you heartily in advance. And if you are eligible to nominate or vote in any awards, please do so! The awards are always better when more people are involved – it’s a truer representation of what’s good and popular in any given year.

Here’s my stuff:


Crow Shine (Ticonderoga Publications, November 2016) – I would love for this book to get some attention, and it also contained three original stories, listed below.


“Crow Shine” – Original story in my collection, Crow Shine (Ticonderoga Publications, November 2016)

“Old Magic Fades” – Original story in my collection, Crow Shine (Ticonderoga Publications, November 2016)

“A Strong Urge To Fly” – Original story in my collection, Crow Shine (Ticonderoga Publications, November 2016)

“Served Cold” – Novelette – Dreaming in the Dark anthology (ed. Jack Dann, PS Publishing, November 2016)

“Raven’s First Flight” – Novelette – SNAFU: Black Ops anthology (ed. G Brown & A J Spedding, Cohesion Press, December 2016)

“Bodies of Evidence” – In Your Face anthology (ed. Tehani Wesseley, Fablecroft Publications, June 2016)

“Under Calliope’s Skin” – SNAFU: Future Warfare anthology (ed. Geoff Brown and A J Spedding, Cohesion Press, May 2016)

“Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade” – Novelette – And Then… Vol. 1 anthology (ed. Lindy Cameron, Clan Destine Press, December 2016)


Bound: Alex Caine Book 1 in the US and UK (Ragnarok Publications, December 2016) – I’ve put this last as it’s only eligible for awards that recognise first North American publication, as it came out in Australia in 2014, so it’s not new by the standards of most awards. I’m not entirely sure if there is anything like that, but there you go. I love this book, so it needs a mention.

So that’s my stuff. If you’re a writer and you’ve had publications, be sure to post about them. Fuck the haters who think it’s bad taste to post about your work like this – you’re damn right you should celebrate your kickass achievements. I’m bloody proud of mine. We work hard and should be able to enjoy that. If you’re a fan or reader, get involved with nominating and voting wherever you can.


Crow Shine is released!

crowshine-front-full-webMy debut collection of short fiction is out now. I’m so pleased this book is finally out in the world. All the various links are below. Here’s what some amazing people have been kind enough to say about the book:

“Alan Baxter is an accomplished storyteller who ably evokes magic and menace. Whether it’s stories of ghost-liquor and soul-draining blues, night club magicians, sinister western pastoral landscapes, or a suburban suicide–Crow Shine has a mean bite.”—Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase.

“Crow Shine, by Alan Baxter, is a sweeping collection of horror and dark fantasy stories, packed with misfits and devils, repentant fathers and clockwork miracles. Throughout it all, Baxter keeps his focus on the universal problems of the human experience: the search for understanding, for justice, and for love. It’s an outstanding book.”—Nathan Ballingrud, author of North American Lake Monsters.

“Alan Baxter’s fiction is dark, disturbing, hard-hitting and heart-breakingly honest. He reflects on worlds known and unknown with compassion, and demonstrates an almost second-sight into human behaviour.”—Kaaron Warren, Shirley Jackson Award-winner and author of The Grief Hole.

You can find your copy at the following places:

Amazon – Kindle and paperback

Ticonderoga Publications – Paperback, hardcover or Limited Edition signed and numbered hardcover

Smashwords – all formats of ebook

If you read the book, I really hope you enjoy it. Tell your friends!


Supanova Brisbane this weekend!

supanova-bannerI’m super excited to be an author Supa-Star guest at Supanova again this year. This weekend I’ll be coming to Brisbane, then next weekend to Adelaide. The Adelaide schedule isn’t released yet, but Brisbane looks like heaps of fun. Other than being on author alley with so many cool guests (Peter V Brett, Matthew Reilly, Maria Lewis, Angela Slatter, Jane Abbott, Lian Hearn, and Kim Wilkins), there will also be a bunch of panels and a special Supa-Star Authors bookclub, where we talk about what we’re reading and what we recommend. Mad fun! There’s a Facebook announcement about that here.

The full event program for Supanova Brisbane is here.

So Brisbane, can’t wait to see you soon! Roll on Friday.