Batman: Arkham City – the writing dos and don’ts

Batman: Arkham CityI was planning to write a blog post about the writing and storytelling in the videogame Batman: Arkham City. No regular reader here will be under any doubt that I’m a Batman fanboy of the highest order. I did love the game and I’m still playing out the last bits and pieces of the sidequests and subplots, but I’m glad I didn’t write that great long post about the story of the game. Because Patrick O’Duffy did a bloody fine job of it already. Patrick says:

But as of yesterday I have finished the game (both the core plotline and the host of side missions) and having done so I think there’s a lot to consider from a writing POV about the way the game handles its stories and characters. Arkham City does some things right and some things wrong – more the latter than the former, to be honest – and a lot of that is pretty directly applicable to writing fiction. So let’s step away from the fact that the game is a lot of fun and features my favourite character and see what else we can learn from it.

And he’s right. Go here and read his excellent and detailed post on the subject.


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