Automatically update your Facebook page with your blog entries

I found this article over at Publetariat today and thought it was a bloody useful snippet of information. It basically describes how to connect your blog feed to your Facebook page using the Notes application. Once you’ve set it up, any new post to your blog will get found by Facebook and automatically posted to your profile as a note.

I’ve just set it up and hopefully this very post will soon appear on my Facebook profile. It’s a great way to keep your various online presences linked using your blog as a primary hub. That’s certainly what I try to do. It’s very important for someone in my position to build an online profile across the web that is standardised and coherent. It’s often referred to as an Author Platform.

For example, I always use the same picture (the one in the banner above) pretty much everywhere. That only changes on my Facebook profile because it’s fun to keep messing with that. Currently it’s a picture of me and David Vincent from Morbid Angel. Who wouldn’t share that shot with the world?

But otherwise I try to keep everything centralised. I have a feed for this blog going to all the various ning communities I belong to and to my Goodreads Author page and my MySpace profile – every time I make a new post here, it updates in all those places as if by magic. Now it automatically feeds to my Facebook page too.

If you’re trying to build your online presence keep an eye open for tools like these to help streamline and organise your activity. Check the Publetariat page linked above for full details on the Facebook notes application feed.


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9 thoughts on “Automatically update your Facebook page with your blog entries

  1. Excellent snippet of advice. Facebook – check.

    How do I add it to my Darklands, Goodreads and MySpace pages? Not that I use MySpace at the moment, but the other two would be cool to include.

    Bet you wish you’d never started this line of ‘Did you know…’

    Cheers in advance.


  2. Hi BT – for Goodreads it’s part of the author profile page. As I have an account there as an author, my profile page might be different to yours.

    For Darklands you should be able to find the option to add your rss feed on your profile page. There should be a box there ready for you. If not, check under the settings tab.

    For MySpace, it’s a widget with this WordPress software that automatically feeds any new posts I make here directly to MySpace. WordPress is the way to go for blogging software as far as I’m concerned. I’m currently in the process of migrating all my websites to WP. This site and Blade Red Press are already WP, my Kung Fu site and my wife’s site will be soon!

  3. I’ve looked at WP, and although I like the three column layout and the freedom it seems to give some people, I’m just not that web savvy. It took me forever (and a fair bit of nagging other people) to figure out the little bits I’ve gleamed about Blogger to get my site looking as it currently does. A quick skim of WP makes me think I’d have that to look forward to all over again, and I’m nor sure I could be bothered with that.

    As for adding RSS feeds – do I need to setup some sort of feedburner thing for that? Told you I wasn’t web savvy…

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