Aussie authors on Twitter

I love Twitter and spend a lot of time chatting with people there. I find out out great information. I get most of my news from Twitter these days, from following the BBC, ABC, Reuters and so on as well as links from other people. There’s a world of interaction and information out there and, if you follow the right people, Twitter is like a huge curated news feed of stuff you find interesting, plus chit-chat with like-minded people.

With that in mind I thought I’d put together a list of all the Aussie authors I could find on Twitter. I’m an Aussie author, albeit a British ex-pat one, and I regularly chat with loads of other great Aussies. I started with a handful of them I could bring immediately to mind.

And Holy crap, I’ve created a monster! I put the call out on Twitter and Facebook about this and it went bananas, so I’ve had to call a stop to it. I can’t keep up! If you responded on Twitter and I’ve missed you, I apologise – my @reply column went crazy. But please do add yourself or anyone I’ve missed in the comments.

So following is a list of Aussie authors that tweet – writers Down Under represent! Let’s make this post a one stop shop for all your Australian author tweeting needs! (Don’t forget to check the comments.)

Joanne Anderton – ‎@joanneanderton
Karen Andrews – @Miscmum
Kathryn Apel – @KatApel
Peter M Ball – @Petermball
Lee Battersby – @leebattersby
Alan Baxter – @AlanBaxter
Adrian Bedford – @kabedford
Deborah Biancotti – @deborah_b
Russell Blackford – @Metamagician
Georgia Blain – @MeGeBe
James Bradley – @cityoftongues
Adam Byatt – @revhappiness
Trudi Canavan – @TrudiCanavan
David Carlin – @dcarlx
Greg Chapman – ‎@darkscrybe
Jodi Cleghorn – @JodiCleghorn
Neil Creek – @neilcreek
Sophie Cunningham – @sophiec
Belinda D’Alessandro – @bdabooks
Killya Darling – @KillyaD
Josh Donellan – @jmdonellan
Felicity Dowker – @FelicityDowker
Tom Dullemond – @Cacotopos
Joanne Ellis – @JoWritesRomance
Annie Evett ‎- @annieevett
Karen Lee Field – @karenleefield
Jason Fischer – @jasonifischerio
Rebecca Fraser – @BecksMuse
Katrina Germein – @katrinagermein
Laura Goodin ‎- @lauragoodin
Donna M Hanson – @DonnaMHanson
Marieke Hardy – @mariekehardy
Narrelle Harris – @daggyvamp
Pip Harry – @PipHaz
Erica Hayes – @ericahayes
Talie Helene – ‎@TalieHelene
Robert Hoge – @RobertHoge
Cally Jackson – @callyjackson
David Jacobs – @il_beavo
Trent Jamieson – @trentonomicon
Patty Jansen – @pattyjansen
Kathleen Jennings – @tanaudel
Deborah Kalin – @debkalin
Pete Kempshall – @petekempshall
Tessa Kum – @sirtessa
Nansi Kunze – @NansiKunze
Kylie Ladd – @kylie_ladd
Margo Lanagan – @margolanagan
Martin Livings – @martinlivings
Nikki Logan – @ReadNikkiLogan
Joshua Londero – @judgewhisky
Emily Maguire – @EmMaguire
Bronnie Marquardt – @maidinaustralia
Nicola Marsh – @NicolaMarsh
Walter Mason – @walterm
Kirstyn McDermott – @fearofemeralds
Andrew McKiernan – ‎@AndrewMcKiernan
Sharlene Miller – @MillerBrown1
Jennifer Mills – @millsjenjen
Vanessa Monaghan – @vanessamonaghan
Tara Moss – @Tara_Moss
Lily Mulholland – @lilymulholland
Nicole R Murphy – @nicole_r_murphy
P M Newton – @pmnewton
Tracey O’Hara – @traceyohara
Wendy Orr – @wendyorr
Favel Parrett – @favelparrett
Ben Payne – @granfalloon
Mark Pesce – @mpesce
Amanda Pillar – @amanda_pillar
Tim Richards – @Aerohaveno
Daniel I Russell – @danielirussell
M J Scott – @melscott
Yolanda Sfetsos – @yolandasfetsos
Benjamin Solah – @benjaminsolah
Cat Sparks – @catsparx
Kirsten Tranter – @ktranter
Kaaron Warren – @KaaronWarren
Tehani Wessley – @editormum75
Charlotte Wood – @charlotteshucks

See what I mean? This list all happened in one evening – I had to stop it before it consumed me. So those are the lucky ones that make the main list. Please add yourself or any other Aussie authors you know in the comments.


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40 thoughts on “Aussie authors on Twitter

  1. Off the top of my head…
    @KateForsyth Kate Forsyth
    @mdepierres Marianne de Pierres
    @MacDibble Bren MacDibble
    @glendalarke glenda larke
    @alisoncroggon Alison Croggon
    @helenmerrick Helen Merrick
    @kyliecchan Kylie Chan
    @SaraCreasy Sara Creasy
    @fozmeadows Foz Meadows
    @George_Ivanoff George Ivanoff
    @michaeljpryor Michael Pryor

  2. Thanks guys. I knew I’d missed a lot, including a few there I talk to regularly! But as you can see, the list went crazy very quickly. Please keep filling in the gaps.

  3. Thanks for the shout out and inclusion. Feel very humbled to be included with one publishing credit to my name so far, and one soon to follow. Lots of talented people to get to know. We do things well in the Antipodes.
    Thanks for championing the cause.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  4. Tripping down my newsfeed 🙂

    Anna Campbell @annacampbelloz
    Christina Brooke @chrstnabrooke
    Anne Gracie @annegracie
    Paula Roe @paulawrites
    Helene Young @heleneyoung
    Bronwyn Parry @bronwynparry
    Maggie Nash @maggienash
    Karly Lane @karlylane
    Fleur McDonald @fleurmcdonald
    Jess Dee @jessdeewriter
    Lexxie Couper @lexxiecouper
    Rhian Cahill @rhiancahill

  5. Gary – I emigrated in ’96 in my mid-20s.

    Good idea on the list. Keep the comments coming here and I’ll build a list.

  6. @ZenaShapter – Zena Shapter

    Gary & Alan – me too! Emigrated 2001.

    Alan – where’s your accent gone? Or have my ears not been sensitive enough to pick up on it?

  7. Nick Earls: @nickearls
    John Birmingham: @JohnBirmingham
    Benjamin Law: @mrbenjaminlaw
    Markus Zusak: @markus_zusak
    Garth Nix: @garthnix (NEW!)

  8. @PatrickLenton
    @birtiledge – Bridget Lutherborrow
    @vanbadham – Van Badham
    @tonyparkblog – Tony Park
    @brendancowell – Brendan Cowell
    @lisaheidke – Lisa Heidke
    and me, @dianneblacklock

  9. We do not live in Australia (we are currently NZ based) but Andy was born in Australia and retains citizenship in that country. I applied for and was granted citizenship in 1998. I’m not sure if this counts. If it does:

    @astruc RJ Astruc
    @AndyAstruc Andy Astruc

  10. Brendan Cowell @brendancowell
    Van Badham @vanbadham
    Lisa Heidke @lisaheidke
    M.J. Hearle @MJHearle
    Emily Gale @EmilyGale
    Tony Park @tonyparkblog
    and me, Dianne Blacklock @dianneblacklock


  11. Okay – now everyone up to here is on the Twitter list.

    Except me, as I still can’t figure out how to add myself to my own list.

    (Please make it stop!)

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