Art and Kung Fu – a collaboration

Halinka, my wife and extremely talented artist, has had this idea for some time of trying to get the movements of the footwork of Kung Fu down on paper as an artwork. It’s something she’s toyed with for ages but never really followed up on. Last week she was asked to be part of a large group drawing exhibition. This turned out to be the opportunity to put her idea into practice, and she roped me in to help.

After some thought, she got some large sheets of paper (which was pretty much determined by the requirements of the group show – A1, or a little bigger if necessary). We then decided that Chinese calligraphy ink would be the most useful and in keeping with the idea. Subsequently, after my class had gone home one night, we stayed back and taped some sheets of paper to the floor. Halinka then painted ink onto the soles of my Dunlop Volleys (shoe of choice for Sydney Choy Lee Fut practitioners – we should get sponsorship!)

Once I was all inked up I stepped up onto the paper and performed Kung Fu techniques, from basics through to a couple of more advanced set forms (parts thereof), letting my feet act like calligraphy brushes to try to capture the movement.

The results are pretty cool. I’ll attach a couple of pics below. At least one of the pieces will end up in the drawing exhibition to be held at G & A Gallery in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “Art and Kung Fu – a collaboration

  1. Some would argue that Kung Fu IS art, although there are others would say its about hitting people really hard (whilst not getting hit!)

    Nice pictures.

  2. is it meant to be the pattern of the footwork, or using the footprints to form a kung fu stickman? because the first drawing looks like a flying kick with the arm over the head! or maybe i see kung fu figures when they’re not really there…

  3. No, it’s just capturing the footwork. I wasn’t drawing anything specific, just letting the Kung Fu techniques determine the movement, and subsequently what ended up on the paper. However, a couple of people have commented on things they think they can see in the images (there are a couple more not shown here). It’s like Rorschach ink-blots. It’s art and can be anything you want it to be.

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