Alex Caine trilogy all out now and still only $12 total for all three

Today sees the ebook publication of Abduction, Alex Caine #3, in Australia and New Zealand. So now the entire trilogy is out there in ebook (only for Australia and NZ readers at the moment, but as I’ve mentioned before, my agent and editor are working hard to secure US and UK deals for the books too.)

And you can still get the entire trilogy for less than twelve dollars. That’s barely the same as a single movie ticket. For three entire novels. Crazy! Book 1, Bound, is currently still $1.99 – for how long, I’m not sure, so get in quick. Book 2, Obsidian, is out now and only $4.99. Book 3, Abduction, is out today and also only $4.99. That’s all three books for $11.97. That won’t last, so get it while you can. Go to Amazon AUS, iBooks, Google Play or Kobo and search my name. Or start here and select the store of your choice for Bound.

And if you have read these books, or you plan to, and you enjoy them, please talk about them. Tell friends and family, tell colleagues at work, mention them on Twitter or Facebook, Goodreads and so on. Nothing works better than word of mouth, so if you love a book, talk about it and share the love. Authors will love you for it. Your voice is just as important as anyone else’s when you recommend a book to someone. And thanks for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Alex Caine trilogy all out now and still only $12 total for all three

  1. Hi iam in the uk in (Milton Keynes) .
    I was told your books are amazing but I can’t seem to buy them anywhere in the uk or America pls can you help point me in the right direction as iam really really really wanting to read your Alex Caine books many thanks Nicola x

  2. Hi Nicola

    I’m really glad you’re so keen to read the Alex Caine books, but they’re sadly not available outside Australia and New Zealand at the moment. My agent is working hard to secure a UK and a US deal for the series, so you’ll hopefully be able to get them before too long. Are you on Twitter? You could always tweet @HarperVoyagerUK and tell them how keen you are to read the books! 🙂

    Sorry I don’t have better news at this stage.



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