Ah, the juvenile fun of it all

My mate James pointed this out to me and I did laugh. There’s been some news lately about the Vienna Boys’ Choir. To quote the Times Online:

The most famous choir in the world has been caught up in the wave of paedophile scandals sweeping Germany and Austria, with eight former choristers denouncing their teachers in the past few days.

This stuff is just hideous and not at all funny. But this particular article is hilarious when you read the byline.

Vienna Boys’ Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals
Roger Boyes, Berlin Correspondent of The Times

I know it’s juvenile, but you can’t write comedy like that.


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3 thoughts on “Ah, the juvenile fun of it all

  1. I remember a year or two ago when someone was trying to create a storm about Captain Pugwash and his First Mate Seaman Stains , master bates and Roger the Cabin Boy. Even through my scabby childhood memory I recall it was Tom the Cabin boy (Although the rest escapes me), but why let facts get in the way of some decent irony.

  2. From wiki (fount of all knowledge):

    The eponymous hero – Captain Horatio Pugwash – sails the high seas in his ship called the Black Pig, ably assisted by cabin boy Tom, pirates Willy and Barnabas, and Master Mate. His mortal enemy is Cut-Throat Jake, captain of the Flying Dustman.

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