A bit of holy word abuse

It’s been a while since I had a nonsensical church sign here, but this one amused me today. In fact, it really confused me – it doesn’t make any sense at all. It doesn’t even rhyme.

Is it an oblique reference to accidental pregnancy? Because, let’s be honest, any of life’s blunders are rarely wonderful.

I don’t even…


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15 thoughts on “A bit of holy word abuse

  1. I don’t care what pendantry you come up with. Blunder and wonder only end in -der and that doesn’t count in my book. You’re just stirring. 🙂

  2. Wait — how many sounds/syllables must be the same in your book for it to rhyme? The only difference is the initial consonant in one case vs 2 different ones for the other. If they don’t rhyme you should then think flagrant and vagrant don’t rhyme…

  3. Fla- and va- rhyme, as does -grant in both = rhyming.

    Won- and blun- don’t rhyme. Just becauuse -bus does, doesn’t make it a rhyme.

    By your rationale, every word ending in -ing rhymes!

  4. Of course they rhyme — did you look at their IPA pronunciation in the link? They don’t rhyme in all dialects but in Australian English the pronunciation is pretty much identical except for the consonants at the front.

    If Wikitionary (that specifically separates rhyming clusters for English) isn’t enough for you then I await a better source.

  5. Hate to dive in, Alan, but ‘blunder’ and ‘wonder’ totes rhyme in Oz english. The spelling has nawt to do wivvit.

    It’s not pronounced bl-UN-der and w-ON-der, it’s pronounced bl-UN-der and w-UN-der. 😉 *dodgy typing courtesy of non-linguistics capable keyboard.

  6. You know what I hate, Michael? I hate when people confuse the issue with FACTS!

    I stand corrected.

    However, rhyming aside, it’s still a fucking stupid sign that makes no sense.

  7. I knew you could not withstand the mighty OED!
    Yes, it’s kinda silly. I think it refers to general redemption but unplanned pregnancy’s a much better reading.
    At least there was no pun in the sign.

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