52 Stitches in memoriam for Jamie Eyberg

52 StitchesThis is a bittersweet moment for me. On the one hand, it’s excellent that this new anthology is now available. On the other, it’s a sad reminder of the death of Jamie Eyberg and his wife, Ann. All proceeds from the sales of this book will go into a fund for Jamie and Ann’s children, Kennedy and Brendan.

Jamie Eyberg wasn’t someone I knew personally, but we’d crossed paths many times online. He was a decent bloke and a good writer. In August this year Jamie and Ann were killed in an accident near their acreage home in Coon Rapids, USA. Jamie was 36, Ann was 34. So buying this book is not only going to score you an anthology of great horror fiction, but it will go towards directly improving the lives of Kennedy and Brendan, who both have a hell of a lot to deal with.

But onto the book. It’s the brainchild of Aaron Polson, another top bloke and great writer. He runs the 52 Stitches website where a new piece of horror flash fiction is published every week. Each year, those 52 short stories are collected into an anthology, this being the second volume in the series. My story, Jeff Newman’s Headaches, is included in this one.

You can get the book from Amazon. Also, check out the other books available from Strange Publications. Think about who might like this book for Xmas and buy a copy or two to share around. Great stories and in support of a great cause.


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