2011 Best Australian Blogs Competition

Best BlogsI discovered today that the Sydney Writers’ Centre is running a competition to find the 2011 Best Australian Blogs. They’re not looking for just over two thousand great blogs – that’s the year. I self-nominated my own blog here, partly because it’s awesome, but also to make sure you guys all know about the competition. I’ve entered this blog in the Words category, obviously:

Blogs that focus on writing, reading, literature or books.

This category will be judged by Angela Meyer, the author of the blog LiteraryMinded, which has been running for four years and was moved to Crikey’s blog network in 2008.

I follow Angela Meyer on Twitter (@LiteraryMinded) and read the Literary Minded blog, so it’s cool that she’ll be the judge. She’s a smart lady. And no, that isn’t me sucking up to her for a win – I doubt she reads my blog.

But you guys can vote for me, if you feel so inclined, as there’s a People’s Choice Award category too.

So have a look, get involved, nominate your blog or one you like and don’t forget to vote in the People’s Choice Award when it opens. I’ll remind you.


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2 thoughts on “2011 Best Australian Blogs Competition

  1. I entered too, under Words and Commentary. Good luck. This one looks a bit more legit that some of the other blog awards that I’ve seen around so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

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