Print version of A ‘Verse Full Of Scum

I’m planning to make a print version of my novella Ghost Of The Black: A ‘Verse Full Of Scum available through Blade Red Press. The novella is free online here at The Word and it’s currently free as an ebook over at Smashwords.

I’m going to add a price to that ebook at Smashwords, probably just US$1 or something like that, and the print version will be POD via Amazon for under US$10. This is as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s – I want to have a hard copy of the story on my shelf. It’s garnered some solid reviews and been downloaded from Smashwords over 2,000 times, so it’s worth preserving in print.

This is as much a heads up as anything else for those of you that might like to get a copy. I’ll let you know when it’s available.


Great Australian Booklist

Colour me seriously impressed. Sometimes the evil internet is used for good, even when it’s used by the Access Of Evil. I know, I’m making no sense.

Chuck McKenzie threw out an idea to the interwebz about getting US and UK books into Australia which are otherwise unavailable due to parallel importation restrictions, or getting Australian small press books into bookstores that don’t have great distribution channels. Chuck runs a book store, so things like this are very real for him. And as writers, we all struggle with getting our work out there, and readers struggle to find the overseas and small press titles they want. See how this affects everyone?

Well, Gillian Polack and Nyssa Pascoe thought Chuck was onto something, so the trio formed the aforementioned Access Of Evil. Together they developed the idea into the Great Australian Booklist. It’s a ‘wish list’ of overseas, local small press and out of print publications, which will be made available to Australian publishers, distributors and booksellers, to be taken into consideration when purchasing copyright, choosing titles to republish, or stocking shelves.

What a brilliant idea!

The Australian public and book buyers now have their say in the industry. Go to the list, nominate all the books you wish you could get hold of, but that your local bookshop doesn’t stock or, if it’s already up there, use your voting powers to add your voice to the demand. Share your choices and news of this list on Facebook or Twitter or wherever else you hang out, get others to vote for your choices and add choices of their own.

You can find the list here – Great Australian Booklist.

Of course, my books, being small press, have very little distribution. Naturally, I’ve added them to the list. Do me a favour and add your vote to them if you would. You know how obsequiously grateful I’ll be. And please, share this post, retweet the notification, share the Facebook update and so on. Let’s make this thing a success.


Suspended animation is not sci-fi any more

I found this TED Talk via m1k3y over at grinding and it blew me away. Basically, suspended animation (the reduction of metabolic rate to near death for extended periods of time) is not just science fiction any more. It’s real, and they’re busy with human trials.

As the guy says at the start of the talk, they’re not designing things to send people on long space flights or anything like that right now; they’re developing technology to put someone into a suspended state to buy them time to receive medical treatment in the case of trauma and so on. But it’s clear to me, being a geek, that this is a massive step on the path to interstellar space travel and all kinds of other cool shit. The talk is about 19 mins long and well worth a watch.