Church Signs get their own book

Regular readers here will know that I’m a big fan of church signs.

One of those regular readers, my dear sister-in-law Bogna, pointed me to this link on the website of the UK’s Guardian newspaper. It seems that on a road trip from Florida to Alaska, husband and wife Steve and Pam Paulson were so struck by the church signs they saw along their way, that they spent the next three summers photographing them for a book. Brilliant. My kind of people. Some of these are actually quite clever, but there’s the usual majority of arrogance and superiority. Like this for instance:


You can see plenty more here. The blurb for the book on Amazon says, “Church Signs Across America celebrates the wit, charm, and verse of church signs from every state in the U.S. At the same time reverent and witty, these signs offer fascinating glimpses into American life that are variously humorous, inspirational, kitschy, and kind—and occasionally all those things at once.”

Of course, it fails to mention… ah, why even bother. The book seems to be going great guns there on Amazon, which is no surprise when it gets advertising in the Guardian, not to mention little corners of the web like me helping it along. Now how can I get on that bandwagon?


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3 thoughts on “Church Signs get their own book

  1. Haha…awesome. The only really good one I’ve seen in person said was one I came across about five years ago in the Maritimes. It said “God is the new Coke”. Riiiight.

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